Rumors fly over Brad Pitt's relationship with Israeli

Are actor and MIT professor Neri Oxman just friends?

Actor Brad Pitt arrives at the premiere of the film "Allied" in Madrid, November 22, 2016. (photo credit: JUAN MEDINA / REUTERS)
Actor Brad Pitt arrives at the premiere of the film "Allied" in Madrid, November 22, 2016.
(photo credit: JUAN MEDINA / REUTERS)
There’s a new woman in Brad Pitt’s life – and she’s Israeli.
Rumors always abound over the actor’s personal life, especially after his public and messy split from Angelina Jolie in 2016. And the latest woman caught up amid the speculation is Israeli-born MIT professor Neri Oxman.
According to a report in The New York Post’s “Page Six” section over the weekend, Oxman, 41, and Pitt, 54, have recently been “spending time” together. Oxman, who was born in Haifa and studied at both the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion Institute in Haifa, teaches courses at MIT in design, architecture and material ecology.
According to Page Six’s source, the pair met through an MIT architecture project and hit it off. Pitt has a long-held interest in eco-friendly architecture. In 2006, he founded an organization that seeks to build sustainable homes in New Orleans to replace those destroyed by flooding.
My ears are alight with the idea that Neri Oxman and Brad Pitt are dating. I wonder if she has a thing for extremely witty, long dead play-makers.
In 2016, The Jerusalem Post named Oxman as one of its 50 most influential Jews, coming in at No. 42. She was noted for “rocketing past old ideas of how things should be designed and assembled, taking inspiration from nature to revolutionize how objects can be designed and built.”
Page Six was quick to note that Pitt and Oxman are reportedly just friends, with its source noting: “Their friendship has not turned into romance... as both are cautious and this is, again, more of a professional friendship. But Brad is very interested in spending more time with Neri, she is fascinating.”
Page Six, however, could not help but note that the professor “bears more than a passing resemblance to Jolie.”
Despite the qualification of the pair as just friends, the report has been written up in People, Elle, E! News, In Style and dozens of other publications.
Oxman, who is divorced from her first husband, Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov, has not publicly commented on the rumors.