Seth Rogen hits Joseph Gordon-Levitt with rap battle Jew jokes

Who won this epic rap battle?

Drop the Mic: Seth Rogen vs Joseph Gordon-Levitt - FULL BATTLE | TBS (TBS/Youtube)
Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are good friends. The Jewish actors have worked together on films like The Night Before and 50/50.
But they took some time on Sunday on the rap battle show Drop the Mic to savagely insult each other.
On the TBS show, a spinoff of a popular segment from James Corden’s late night talk show, two celebrities take turns rapping, comedy roast style.
Gordon-Levitt won the match (according to the one judge, rapper Method Man), but Rogen’s lines were full of Jewish jokes. In addition to joking about Gordon-Levitt’s nose, calling him a “shmo” and comparing him to the recent Jew by choice Zooey Deschanel, Rogen put together these lines:
“You’re like a glass of milk that went on Birthright/You prove you could be both too Jewish and too white.”
“You’re young Bruce Willis in Looper but you can’t deny/In the future, you’ll look more like Bruce Willis’ rabbi.”
The closest Gordon-Levitt got to making a Jewish joke came in a crude reference to Rogen’s love for fellow Jewish actor James Franco, which cannot be repeated here.