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Harris shows perception that US Jews back Israel still strong - analysis

The assumption underlying her recent comments is that Israel is important to her listeners, and that they do not share the Seth Rogen or Peter Beinart “who needs Israel” mindset.


Controversy turns Seth Rogen's 'An American Pickle' sour

Rogen certainly isn’t hiding his Jewish background – this may be the most Jew-y Hollywood movie since Yentl.


Seth Rogen shows the generational divide in North American Jewry – opinion

When a family is in crisis, the situation needs to be resolved as a family: through talking about it, arguing points and reinstating trust among ourselves.

Seth Rogen

What do Jewish people think about Seth Rogen's 'An American Pickle'?

Here’s what you need to know before you watch the pickle movie this weekend.

Seth Rogen

An Israel listening tour for Seth Rogen

To help Rogen make sense of it all, I suggest that he go to Israel for a listening tour.


Comedians to hold Zoom event on what Seth Rogen doesn't get

The Sunday Zoom seminar is being co-hosted by the American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center (AFKMC) which has produced four monthly Zoom webinars since the onset of Covid-19.

Seth Rogen and digesting the pickle of Israel education

An open letter to Seth Rogen and all of us who had a crack at him and messed up

SETH ROGAN stars (twice) in ‘American Pickle.’

The real history behind Seth Rogen’s ‘An American Pickle’

The comedy is at heart a tale about Jewish legacy and identity — but its far-fetched premise also lets it play fast and loose with historical facts.


When celebrities, antisemitism and Israel collide

A quick review of comments made by predominantly black actors, athletes and musicians reveals that the time-tested tradition of blaming the Jews when things get tough has not gone out of style.


Pickles, hipsters and irony in Seth Rogen’s new film, 'An American Pickle'

The movie’s best jokes involve Herschel as a fish-out-of-water in the hipster heaven of Williamsburg, where he fits right in with his long beard and shlumpy clothes.

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