The Greatest Love of All: A beautiful tribute to the Queen of Pop

Belinda Davids performed stunningly in this breathtaking tribute to the great Whitney Houston.

The Greatest Love of All: The Whitney Houston Show, in Tel Aviv, April 2018 (photo credit: SHLOMI PINTO)
The Greatest Love of All: The Whitney Houston Show, in Tel Aviv, April 2018
(photo credit: SHLOMI PINTO)
Belinda Davids performed stunningly Saturday night in "The Greatest Love of All," a breathtaking tribute to the great Whitney Houston.
Backed up by a talented 6-piece band and four energetic back-up dancers (one of whom surprised and delighted the audience with his rapping talent), Davids captured the audience's admiration and affection with her startling vocals and larger-than-life stage presence.
Davids and co. took the audience for a powerful trip down memory lane. While the first half of the show was mixed with a few well known tracks and a couple of lesser known ballads, the second act knocked it out of the park, opening with dancers and Davids in leather and fishnets giving a rousing rendition of "Queen of the Night." The show moved on to "I Have Nothing," backed by a moving, though slightly out-of-place tribute video.
For several songs, the audience was on their feet, dancing and singing along; Davids even joined the audience during one song.
Much credit is also due to a superb costume team, who replicated some of Houston's most memorable looks and enhanced Davids's resemblance to the original even further. From a red leather suit to a sequined tux, finishing with a one-armed white gown worn by Houston in 2009, Davids nailed the stunning look, the attitude and the confidence of the Queen of Pop.
Unfortunately, Davids's vocals were at times barely audible, and at best significantly overshadowed by the overly-loud music from the band. Though undoubtedly talented, the focus should have been the vocals, not the band.
The final song of the night could not have been more perfect. Davids stood center stage in the aforementioned white gown, lit beautifully, and gave a powerful voice to the great "I Will Always Love You," as close to Whitney as anyone could ever be. Closing my eyes, I could have sworn that the queen had been born again.
"The Greatest Love of All" will be returning to the Mann Auditorium on April 2-4 and then moving on to Haifa for one last performance, on Friday, April 6. Tickets are available at .