Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades posts video showing IDF equipment seized in Gaza

Clip shows table with magazines, bullet cases, rifle rounds taken by militant group during fighting.

IDF military gear seized in Gaza (photo credit: screenshot)
IDF military gear seized in Gaza
(photo credit: screenshot)
Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, an umbrella combatant group affiliated with the West Bank’s PLO, posted an online video on Tuesday displaying IDF military equipment seized in the course of Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge.
In information accompanying the footage, the organization claimed it took the equipment during clashes with Israeli special forces east of Beit Hanun last week.
Up-beat music played in the background, as a table displaying magazines, bullet cases lined with Hebrew writing, and rifle rounds is shown.
The video then zoomed in on a stained stretcher and vests with bullet marks as a man, masked in a checkered blackand- white scarf, shows water bottles with Hebrew labels and shoulder-fired rocket launchers.
In the background, a large poster is pinned on the wall with the group’s ‘Al-Aksa Martyrs Troops’ logo.
The video was released as a 72-hour lull in fighting came into effect – and as of Tuesday afternoon, appeared to be holding – and an Israeli delegation was arriving in Cairo for ceasefire talks with Palestinian factions.
Reuters contributed to this report.