WATCH: Ground troops use drones throughout Gaza to locate tunnels, enemy fire

Special forces unit Sky Rider carries drones into Gaza, launches them to provide real-time intel on tunnels, enemy fire in Operation Protective Edge.

Sky Rider operators  (photo credit: screenshot)
Sky Rider operators
(photo credit: screenshot)
The IDF Sky Rider is a special forces unit operating from within the Artillery Corps which has been at the forefront of the IDF operations in the West Bank and now in Gaza where it has discovered tunnels and located enemy fire for targeting by troops. The outfit's "Skylark" drones are carried into the field then subsequently set up and launched by its operators.
The unit most recently garnering attention for its work in Operation Brother's Keeper to search for the three yeshiva students kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in the West Bank. As troops operated around the clock, Sky Rider drones provided troops in that operation real time intel regarding approaching riots, escaping suspects and troop positioning.
Now Sky Rider has brought its highly sophisticated capabilities to bear in Gaza. The outfit's "Skylark" drones can be carried into the field then subsequently set up and launched by its operators. Those same operators then control the drone and provide real-time support to troops conducting operations on the ground, without delays incurred from coordination with drones operated by the air force from remote bases.
16 Sky  Rider teams are currently operating in Gaza. Its operators have already located 2 tunnel shafts and assisted in locating three more. Meanwhile the unit's drones are working with troops on the ground and providing them the intel they need to locate the sources of enemy fire. The IDF has then been able to target those sources of enemy fire. Sky Rider has successfully identified 50 such enemy positions for targeting and operated in over 500 missions.