Jordan's Abdullah: Israel must be held accountable for what is happening in Gaza

King says in interview to Jordanian paper that loss of civilian lives unacceptable and Israeli operation not justified.

King Abdullah (photo credit: REUTERS)
King Abdullah
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Jordan’s King Abdullah II harshly criticized Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on Sunday, saying that the Jewish state bears the primary responsibility for hostilities and that the whole world must act now to end the “occupation.”
Speaking in an interview to Jordanian daily newspaper Al-Ghad, Abdullah said the Arab countries and the international community must hold Israel accountable for what it was doing in Gaza.
Abdullah refuted Israeli claims that the war was justified, and lamented the loss of innocent lives.
The king stated that without a peace agreement we would eventually be discussing a “fifth and sixth” Israel war in Gaza.
Abdullah, who has been criticized at home for being relatively quiet during Israel’s operation in Gaza, told Al-Ghad that “we prefer to work actively and deliberately to end the Israeli aggression.”
Abdullah has previously faced protests in Amman, with thousands demanding that he act against Israel for its Gaza operation.
Calls for the withdrawal of Jordan’s ambassador to Israel were rejected by the country’s cabinet and prime minister last week.