Another Tack: The unbroken link, Part I. 'The Jews are yours'!

It serves Islamo-fascist purposes to claim Arabs were blameless bystanders during the Holocaust-that-maybe-never-was

Who do you suppose said the following? 1. "The existence of a Zionist regime imposes an unbridled threat from which no Islamic nation in the region and beyond can feel secure. The closer these nations are to the epicenter of this threat, the more threatened they feel. Palestinians are at the very core of the threat that taints the dignity of all the Islamic faithful in accordance with the noble verse [from the Koran]: 'Allah never cleared a path for infidels to dominate believers.' "Domination by such a regime over Muslims is contrary to Allah's will... The usurper Zionist regime is the point of convergence of all the corruption and injustices of the world's bullying powers... The enemies of humanity struggle to preserve this nest of intrigue, exploiting their own peoples' resources and wealth to keep this regime in power." 2. "You undoubtedly know of the struggle of the Arabs and the Jews of Palestine, what it was and is - a long a bloody fight caused by the desire of the Jews to create a national home, a Jewish state in the Near East, with the help and protection of England and the US. In fact behind it lies the hope which the Jews never relinquished, namely the domination of the whole world through this important strategic center, Palestine." Hard to differentiate? Indeed it is. But the above quotations come from different hatemongers, decades apart. The first is of recent vintage: Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's address at a Hamas fund-raiser in Teheran last April 14. The second emanates from his spiritual predecessor, Grand Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini, Nazism's enthusiastic and active accomplice, resident in Berlin during World War II, president of "the Pan-Islamic Congress," appointed SS Gruppenfuehrer by Himmler and dubbed "the Arab Fuehrer" by Hitler himself. He was immensely popular in his day and avidly followed by Arab masses, who still revere him. The mufti's excerpt comes from identical letters in French which he sent the Romanian and Hungarian foreign ministers on June 28, 1943 to foil any deals that might save the lives of Jewish children sentenced to death by his Third Reich allies. They were catalogued by the UN in 1947. Similar texts were insistently and frequently dispatched to the highest German echelons throughout 1943 and 1944. HUSSEINI MADE it his mission to make sure no Jew escaped. Actual photostats of some of the letters appeared 10 years ago in Tel Avivian Jennie Lebel's unfortunately overlooked Hebrew book, Haj Amin and Berlin, published at her own expense after exhaustive research which yielded unparalleled evidence of the mufti's exploits, in the shape of rare documents and photographs. She discovered some of the latter in Belgrade, and paid exorbitantly to rescue them from oblivion. (The English translation of her volume cannot see light for lack of $7,000!) It would unbearably strain our credulity to assume that wily Ahmadinejad, who so cleverly plays world powers for suckers, is unaware of Husseini's escapades, of the fact he was a wanted war criminal who lived lavishly in Berlin as Hitler's guest from 1941 to May 1945, who hobnobbed with the Fuehrer, Himmler and Eichmann and recruited Bosnians, Kosovars and Soviet Muslims to the Waffen SS, where their sadism was second-to-none. It's highly unlikely Ahmadinejad doesn't realize that post-war the Arab world harbored numerous Nazi war criminals, including the infamous Alois Brunner, and that some of Husseini's recruits later came here to battle against newborn Israel. There's no way Ahmadinejad doesn't know that Arab hostility predates World War II. He merely trusts that his listeners don't know of the unbroken link between Arab objectives then and now. Ignorance facilitates the cover-up of still unaltered genocidal propensities and purposes. It serves Islamo-fascists to claim Arabs were blameless bystanders during the Holocaust-that-maybe-never-was. Hence the Arabs' Holocaust record remains ever relevant, especially when Ahmadinejad vows to "wipe Israel off the map," possibly with nukes nobody is stopping him from attaining. Ahmadinejad's only alternative to genocide is ethnic cleansing, because "if the Holocaust happened, why should it be atoned for in Islamic countries?" he asked participants at his conference, tauntingly challenging the "bullying powers" to "return the usurpers of Palestine to their original homes... Find them places in your own territories to live there like their forefathers." Words that would have delighted Husseini, who in his above-quoted letters stresses to the Hungarians and Romanians "the necessity of preventing Jews from leaving your country... if any reasons mandate their removal, it would be indispensable and infinitely preferable to send them to other countries where they would find themselves under active control, for example in Poland, in order to thereby protect oneself from their menace and avoid consequent damages." The mufti's persistent intervention made sure that thousands of Jewish children slated for exchange ended up "under active control" in Poland's Auschwitz and its hellish equivalents. He likewise sealed the fate of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews, while many thousands of Balkan Jews were annihilated by his Muslim recruits. If Ahmadinejad's premise is that only the guilty are liable for crimes against Jews, then Palestinians certainly should pay. Their adulated leader didn't disguise his intent before the birth of the "Zionist state." In his post-war memoirs he wrote: "Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world. I asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish problem in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of its Jews. The answer I got was: 'The Jews are yours.'" This is the first of two parts.