February 2, 2018: Down on Dublin

JPost readers have their say.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Down on Dublin
The headline “Netanyahu summons Irish envoy over anti-settlements bill” (January 31) seems to underscore the fact that there is official antisemitism in Europe – how can European countries claim to be fighting antisemitism when they continually take actions against the Jewish state that they have never taken against any other country?
Ireland does not recognize Jerusalem as the Jewish capital, nor does it recognize Jewish settlements. Yet by recognizing Israel, it agrees to recognize the Jewish capital.
The Irish are hiding behind the use of the name “Israel” to express their antisemitism. This shows the Irish government as hypocritical and encouraging antisemitism.
I am reminded of the saying “Some of my best friends are Jews, but the others I hate.” We have to call the Irish government Jew-haters.
Rishon Lezion
In response to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s “Dershowitz doubles down defending Doha and Qatar” (No Holds Barred, January 30), I will not get into a shouting match with someone who seeks attention by distorting my views. Post readers can find my actual articles on the website The Hill and in The Washington Examiner, and can see for themselves whether I am defending, or serving as a mouthpiece for, someone who has bought me for a junket.
I am simply seeking to learn the truth about a complex and multifaceted issue instead of simply accepting the biased views of someone well known for his loud exaggerations and simple-minded screeds.
Why is Rabbi Boteach so afraid of an objective investigation calculated to learn the truth? That’s all I’m proposing. Put my articles side by side with his and see who is telling the truth.
His attacks assume the reader hasn’t read my articles or has forgotten what I actually wrote. He mischaracterizes what I actually said and then rails against the straw man he has deliberately substituted for the truth of what I said.
So read what I wrote, not what he mendaciously says that I wrote. Please also read the New York Times reporting, which he distorts, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent comments on changes in Qatar.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Recognize reality
In “It is up to us” (Encountering Peace, January 25), Gershon Baskin has finally given up on his top-down solution for peace.
Mr. Baskin does what he does best – totally ignore reality. He has completely ignored Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s recent antisemitic, anti-Zionist, distorted and outrageous version of Jewish history.
Maybe Mr. Baskin should recognize reality for what it is and then make suggestions for peace.
Petah Tikva
Remembering Toby
With regard to “Toby Willig – a legend in her time” (January 28), few riders knew that the elderly lady getting on and off the bus was Toby, on her way into town. Seldom did people give her their seat until she had almost reached her destination.
The days when she could stand safely and warmly share information to encourage us have passed.
This is but another example of Toby’s utter uniqueness, to be recalled on every single future ride in Toby’s area, where her amazing foothold will always be missed and treasured, and where a street, hopefully, might be named for her.
At the packed funeral of our inspirational Toby Willig, I happened to mention an anecdote to her granddaughter.
Many professionals attended a lecture on Freud at the Hebrew University some years ago. To my surprise, Toby was sitting opposite me in the circular forum. As often was her wont, she appeared to be dozing. At the facilitator’s “any questions?” though, it was Toby who raised the first – and most piercing – query.