February 5, 2018: Recognized all along

'I was at Yad Vashem and saw what the Nazis did to the Jews. Have the Jews who want to name this train station [after Donald Trump] forgotten?'

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Recognized all along
Lior Akerman’s “Welcoming the American initiative” (Observations, February 2) leads with a reference to “President Trump’s controversial Jerusalem declaration.”
The Jerusalem Post should insert an editorial correction every time an op-ed or news report states this falsehood. America’s formal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the sovereign State of Israel was made over two decades ago under Democratic president Bill Clinton with passage of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.
Beit Shemesh
What planet is he from?
“Greenblatt to EU envoys: Settlements are not the obstacle” (February 1) is a must-read for all the gullible supporters of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and of US President Donald Trump, who recognized half of our 3,000-year-old capital. Absolutely spot on! For the Arabs and much of the world, the whole of the Jewish land is the so-called problem.
However, we have useful idiots who allowed for a fake Palestinian people to gain legitimacy and rights in this land.
US Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt told EU ambassadors in Ramat Gan last week that “Israel has been very careful over the last year regarding settlement construction. It is necessary to look at what construction has actually taken place, rather than at various announcements made about settlement construction in the media.”
Does that make you feel proud or, as it should, humiliated and betrayed? With all the hate directed toward Trump by that terrorist dude, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Greenblatt is still intent on continuing to work with the fake Palestinians, as though they had a claim on our land.
He also believes that Jordan’s King Abdullah is realistic and wise. Huh? Well, he could be – after all, the king has Netanyahu running after him like a puppy, making sure he knows we have no intention of taking control over our Temple Mount.
Greenblatt also stressed to the participants that Trump’s Jerusalem decision did not prejudge any final status issues. The nature and purpose, of course, was to fool us, which it did.
And finally, these wise words from Greenblatt: “Peace will not be achieved by walking away from negotiations. Peace only has a chance of success through a respectful, continuous dialogue and continuous negotiations.”
From what planet did he suddenly descend?
Shameful name for station
When I was in Jerusalem for the New Year, I was horrified to read that Israel was going to name a train station after US President Donald Trump.
I am aware that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. However, Trump is a bigot, racist and sexist, and he has defended neo-Nazis. (When a group of them marched in the US, he called some of the marchers “very fine people.” Very fine people! A Nazi is a Nazi!) I was at Yad Vashem and saw what the Nazis did to the Jews. Have the Jews who want to name this train station forgotten? You want to immortalize this man? You should be ashamed of yourselves!
Considering the alternative
What do the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and the State of Israel have in common? Though better in the their fields of endeavor than their rivals, they are hated by the masses for being “too good” (“Patriots’ role as villain helps fuel entire league,” Commentary/Sports, February 2).
When Robert Kraft purchased the Patriots in 1994, the team was a perennial loser. As Mr. Kraft reminisced, “in those days, everyone was so nice to me.”
Quarterback Tom Brady was a sixth-round draft pick, hardly a testimonial for a future all-star. The Patriots and Mr. Brady, with diligence and perseverance, turned things around.
Today, Israel is viewed by many nations as a pariah state. But in the early days after its rebirth, things were quite different. Nations admired the tenacity and self-sacrifice of the skin-and-bones Holocaust survivors who successfully defended their state from their more numerous and better armed Arab nemeses.
But as victory followed victory against the Arabs and Islam, Israel lost its glorious image.
It seems as if people admire success, but with limitations.
No one likes to be defamed and for fans to wish them bad. But all of the above would agree: Despite the bad PR, continued success is much better than the alternative.
Makes no sense
Chuck Freilich’s “The two-state-solution is the only game in town” (Comment & Features, January 29) makes no sense. The first part of the op-ed acknowledges that neither side wants a “two-state-solution”; the second recommends that the US impose it.
Out of touch with reality, Freilich then admits that his plan requires a regime change among all parties concerned, including removing US President Donald Trump, uniting hostile Palestinian factions and “relocating 100,000 [Israeli] citizens....”
Such reckless and thoughtless suggestions harm any possibility of moving forward toward a humanitarian regional solution. The first step is to reduce or eliminate the role of UNRWA, which encourages Palestinian intransigence and promotes violence.
Appalled at lack of mention
While I agree completely with your January 26 editorial “Remembering fascism,” I am appalled that you did not cite the British Labour party, which is on the far left and is openly antisemitic and anti-Zionist.
World Jewry need not be too shocked at Britain’s plunging to record levels of antisemitism. Since a society never changes its basic character, especially in times of undue stress or national crisis, Britain is simply reverting to the traditions that have made it one of the world’s most antisemitic countries.
In more recent times, Britain, through a series of White Papers, almost entirely choked Jewish immigration to mandated Palestine prior to and following the rise of Hitler’s Germany.
Other notorious instances of Britain’s antisemitism were England’s invention of the blood libel against the Jews, and England being the first country to expel its entire Jewish community, as it did in 1290, a century after its massacre of all the Jews of York.
From Chaucer to modern times, many of Britain’s great classics have been sullied with antisemitism.
British Jewry’s only possibility of continued safety, security and protection is settlement en masse in Israel.
Tel Aviv
South Africa’s ‘wisdom’
With regard to “Cape Town’s Jews weigh in on looming water crisis” (Frontlines, January 26), it is so very unfortunate and sad to see what is happening as a result of a natural disaster – drought. Surely, a competent government makes provisions.
In Israel, we had the same water problems, but the Israeli mind managed to solve this through desalination. Not only has Israel used the desalination technique for its own needs, it has offered it as a solution to South Africa.
In its “wisdom,” though, South Africa has refused the help because it wants to comply with BDS policy and prefers not to have dealings with what it refers to as an “apartheid regime.”
Not only do the leaders there lack the ability to understand what is really going on in Israel, they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. All that is left to say is “You know not that you know not.”