June 16, 2017: Fantasy world

"It is regrettable that the Israeli prime minister is living in a cocoon of fantasy by suggesting the dismantlement of UNRWA."

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Fantasy world
It is regrettable that the Israeli prime minister is living in a cocoon of fantasy by suggesting the dismantlement of UNRWA, “Netanyahu calls to disband UNRWA and to stop foreign- funded NGOs,” June 12.
Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and the Gulf region are embroiled in civil wars, long-running rows and economic siege. Benjamin Netanyahu thinks he can do as he wishes now that the Arab world is passing through great despair and uncertainty and is virtually dismembered.
Refugees have placed heavy burdens on the public services in other countries like Jordan. Their needs have been met with extraordinary heroism, determination and resilience.
Almost three million Jordanian citizens are Palestinian refugees. Israel has long dreamed of settling refugees in Jordan, turning it into their alternative homeland and abdicating its international obligations in due course.
This comes as far fetched, not least because the abrogation of refugees’ rights is not only immoral, untenable but further undermining the stability and security of the Middle East.
Laughing stock
Regarding the report from wire agency JTA “Schumer spoofs Trump’s Cabinet praise-fest,” June 14, did the president really call a cabinet meeting so cabinet members could sit there one by one and praise Trump’s accomplishments? I hope I’m wrong, but if it’s true, President Donald Trump should seek medical help ASAP.
His questionable accomplishments aside, he has made the great nation of the US the laughing stock of the free world.
“Shameful” best describes his ‘accomplishments’ and again I ask the GOP to condemn his inexplicable behavior.
Mooresville, NC
Not a convert
Contrary to what Eli Kavon wrote in his article, “Rahel Varnhagen: An enlightenment tragedy,” June 14, Fanny von Arnstein did not convert to Christianity as did Henrietta Herz, Dorothea Mendelssohn and Rahel Varnhagen (nee Levin).
Although Fanny’s daughter and son-in-law did convert.
In fact, while Fanny and her banker husband may have been influenced by the early Haskala movement, they remained Jews, and she was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Waering.
In addition, her husband donated an Ark covering in her memory to the local Jewish prayer house in Vienna.
Ma’aleh Adumim
No show
Regarding the June 14 front page article “Al Jazeera: Don’t close Jerusalem bureau,” by Tovah Lazaroff, there is a very valid reason why English readers turn to Al Jazeera for Middle East news on TV and that is because it’s “the only show in town.”
We made Aliya from Canada in 1984 and have been staunch Israelis since then, working and learning Hebrew simultaneously.
We speak it pretty well and have managed to integrate into Hebrew speaking society.
However the Hebrew newscasts are still very difficult for us to comprehend.
Our only open door to the news in Israel was our IBA daily newscast.
Everything stopped at 4 p.m. We sat as a family and listened to what was happening in our new home.
The government did the English-speaking population a dirty trick. We are sure we are not alone in our frustration, not really knowing what’s going on.
We get English world news from France, England, the US and other countries, but not from our homeland.
Why do our elected and/ or appointed officials dislike the idea of continuing to provide a decent informative English language local news program.
It’s just not fair. What have we done for them to do this to us?
Protea Village ,Bnai Dror