Letters: Allowed to dream

Israel will respond exactly as the United States would respond to missile fire on Miami from Cuba.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Allowed to dream
Now that there is finally someone to talk to in the White House (“Netanyahu to tell Trump he supports a Palestinian state,” February 13), I sincerely hope the prime minister will inform the US president of Israel’s fully formulated strategy for any future war with Hamas or Hezbollah.
This will be a war plan using all of Israel’s resources, and not a defensive response to an attack.
There will be no consideration given to the warped concept of “proportionality,” a fiction conceived by Israel’s enemies without and within.
Israel will respond exactly as the United States would respond to missile fire on Miami from Cuba. And then Prime Minister Netanyahu will come to the only possible response to a missile attack from Iran.
I’m allowed to dream, right?
Jerusalem Good on you, Bibi...
Zionist Union MK Erel Margalit has been trying to stop the meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump (“Margalit: Don’t let PM fly while under probe” February 13) I think he is doing this because the two heads of state like and respect each other.
How terrible for the Zionist Union. How wonderful for Israel.
As I read, day after day, of the “crimes” of the prime minister, I remember his accusers from the past. Aren’t these the same people who spent months castigating Sara Netanyahu for returning her bottles to the grocery store (Bottlegate), accusing her husband of eating too much ice cream (Pistachiogate) and stating that his taste in wine was extravagant (who doesn’t like fine wine?), and who now are bemoaning his cigars and champagne? What next? Isn’t there always a “new prime minister” lurking in the background, waiting for the departure on ridiculous grounds of the wise and exceptionally talented Mr.
Netanyahu? Instead of letting the prime minister’s head be clear and focused on his long-awaited mission to Washington, all of these things are a distraction and could hurt Israel in a profound way (heaven forbid).
So many politicians think – just absolutely know – that they could do a better job than he. But why don’t they have the patience to wait for elections, when they can make their claim directly to the voters rather than through the media? No! They can’t wait! They want him out! Now! If there were new elections, I, for one, would vote only for Netanyahu or his coalition members, as would everyone I know.
We will remember all those who hurt Netanyahu when he needed support and consequently hurt all of Israel.
...or not
While Zionist Union MK Erel Margalit wants President Reuven Rivlin to represent Israel in the US, Transportation Minister Israel Katz (Likud) could well be right when he accuses Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi) of “heating up the border with Gaza because of political considerations.”
But Bennett did not drag us to war. The responsibility for that surely lies at the door of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for refusing to destroy Hamas and for allowing us always to be dragged into a war, revealing just how weak and unsure we are of our capabilities.
This does not bode well for our long-term survival – how many wars, with the consequent death and destruction they bring, does Netanyahu think we can endure? Further, your article states that the Knesset’s Land of Israel Caucus sent the prime minister a letter calling on him to “maintain Israel’s right to build and expand throughout Judea and Samaria and prevent the creation of a Palestinian terrorist state in the heart of the Land of Israel.” But that train left the station – with the brakes off – when Netanyahu legitimized the fake Palestinians as a “people” with rights to the Jewish land.
Clothed in hypocrisy
I was quite amazed by the report about rabbinical students of unnamed denomination having come to Israel to plant trees on Tu Bishvat (“On Tu Bishvat, Jews plant trees the government will uproot,” February 12). They planted trees in a Beduin village where the homes were built illegally and the village is due to be destroyed.
What is going on in this crazy Jewish world of ours? Can’t Jews somehow identify with Judaism and its practice? What is wrong with the way children have been taught to understand Judaism? The Beduin have usurped so much land illegally. They have deprived others of the use of land that is not theirs. Is this morally right? How can people who claim to be rabbinical students further the cause of stealing land illegally? Everything they do is clothed in hypocrisy. If a Jewish Supreme Court demands that Jews abandon homes built so many years ago with government approval, how can rabbinical students from the United States come here and do immoral and illegal acts that harm the people of Israel? It is time for real soul searching on the part of Jewish leadership of all kinds. It is time to save Judaism for our great-grandchildren and the world.
Free speech
Regarding “Free speech” (Editorial, February 10), there is no doubt that free speech is vital for our country and must not be stilled. However, the NGO Breaking the Silence is basically an organization funded by foreign countries, not the citizens of Israel.
What other country would allow such a travesty against its own government? Hopefully, Israel will stand up for itself and stop such destructive practices.
Freedom of speech? For what? To turn up the volume for yet another organization to broadcast negativity against the State of Israel? Enough already!
Smart policy
I suggest selective but strict control of certain categories of foreigners entering the US. A total ban, even on legal tourists or people on family visits from Muslim countries doesn’t sound good, even to Trump’s supporters.
The new administration should concentrate on deporting “illegals” and subversive elements, especially the many false refugees flooding the country and the West as a whole.
President Donald Trump has a legally and constitutionally nominated government, as well as professional advisers. He should make them work and share responsibilities instead of resorting solely to executive orders.
The election campaign is over.
Trump won. He should act accordingly and make America governable again!
Hatred for Trump
It is galling to read in your paper, from the first page to the last page, the hatred and defamation of the president of the United States. Where is the truthful Jerusalem Post that once was?
Postal praise
With all the complaints about the Israeli postal system that have been appearing in The Jerusalem Post’s letters section, it is only right to record that two letters sent to me from the UK by registered post and given up as lost were delivered this past Sunday.
One was sent on the October 22, and the other on December 5.
Let it be noted, however, that on Monday morning, I received a letter from the UK that had been sent on February 6.
I am delighted to see how letters of complaint can cause such a remarkable turnaround in services provided. Well done, Israel Postal Company!