Letters: Face facts

The Left has been defeated. They must face facts.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Face facts
It’s amazing that on one page, two articles coming from leftwing venues blame the Right for turning Israel into a totalitarian state. On Page 3 of June 13’s issue, there is “Attendees boo Bennett and call him a Nazi at a pro-peace conference,” and opposite there was the Zionist Union weekly faction meeting, where the headline was “Ethics code is yet another step in making Israel fascist, says Herzog.”
It reminds me of a child losing an argument, and as a last resort to claim victory he shouts out words he doesn’t even understand.
The Left has been defeated. They must face facts.
CHANA ROTMAN Ma’aleh Adumim
Fight antisemitism
Jews and non-Jews who show signs of antisemitic behavior always have one thing in common – their political, or must we say their ideological, background seems to be related in one way or another to an ideology we general describe as leftist.
Their anger is not specifically aimed at individual Jews, but to the State of Israel and its supporters.
We don’t have to prove today that their goal is to get rid of the State of Israel. The next step however then is to get rid of Judaism.
We have to understand that the leftist ideology is based on Marxism, and Karl Marx wrote about this in his 1843 essay called “On the Jewish Question,” published in his native German called “Zur Judenfrage.”
In this essay he simplified the Jews and Judaism to three elements: Self-interest, haggler, and worshiping Mammon. To Marx, Judaism equalizes capitalism.
Marx further stated that the only way for Jews to be accepted among other people was to liberate themselves from Judaism.
They have to assimilate.
Therefore this essay should be considered as the foundation of modern leftist antisemitism.
I went trough hundreds of pages of pre-war socialist magazines, and I never found any article about this essay. Even in the period after World War II, until the revoking of most the Communist political party in the 1980s, this essay never was mentioned.
However it is more and more clear that today’s leftist one-sided and selective criticism toward Israel and its supporters has a written history, which is the contents of Karl Marx’s essay from 1843. To the leftist, Karl Marx is the messiah, and to prevent his name from being criticized they avoid mentioning him.
If we want to fight modern antisemitism we should expose the founder of it, and confront the followers with these facts.
JAN SMINK Groningen, Netherlands
Military prowess
Regarding “India’s Navy chief arrives for talks to strengthen ties,” June 13, I know that for 50 years now we have been impressing the world with our military prowess. But it never ceases to amaze me that as such a small country, and with such a small population, that we are able to advise some of the biggest countries population-wise and territorial-wise in the world.
Ditto goes for every time I see us helping out with agriculture in the Far East, water in Africa and with security in Europe, in addition to hundreds of other accounts.
Back-seat drivers
After reading “Ultra-Orthodox protesters in New York stage massive anti-Zionist, anti-IDF draft rally,” June 13, there really is only one thing to tell these people: there is only one place in the world that as a Jew your voice actually counts. If you want to have a say, you have to be in Israel.
I’m not here to decide whether it will be beneficial to the State of Israel or the IDF if the ultra-Orthodox population were to be enlisted en masse. I can do the math though. The haredi population around the world outside of Israel is estimated to be up to half a million people. That’s a lot of votes and that’s a lot of political sway.
But as long as these Jews continue to be back-seat drivers, there is no reason to listen to a word of what they say.
an’t recall any
“Encountering Peace” columnist Gershon Baskin told us in his June 8 piece “The 51st Year” that the Palestinians have made concessions.
I can’t recall any.
Have Palestinian textbooks begun to show Israel on their maps? Has anti-Jewish invective ceased to spew from Palestinian classrooms, media outlets and mosques? Has the Palestinian Authority stopped paying the families of people who have heeded President Mahmoud Abbas’s call for violent resistance? Are missiles no longer being lobbed at Israeli population centers from Gaza? Are the building supplies that are intended for construction of homes and schools in Gaza no longer being diverted to the building of tunnels to facilitate the abduction and murder of Israelis? Baskin mentions a Palestinian state on 22% of the land. Is that the 22% of British Mandatory Palestine that wasn’t used to create Transjordan? If it is, that includes all of Israel! I’ll believe that the Palestinians are ready to live beside the nation-state of the Jews when they begin preparing the descendants of the Arabs who fled Arab-initiated wars against Israel for citizenship in the future state of “Palestine,” dropping the demand that Israel take in millions of people raised in a society that gave its highest honors to the murderers of Jews.
TOBY BLOCK Atlanta,Georgia
Somehow the lead headline to June 11’s paper, “UNRWA condemns Hamas tunnels under Gaza schools,” reminds me of the line in Casablanca when Capt. Renault tells Rick the police are closing his cafe because of him finding evidence that “gambling is going on” and then pockets his earnings from an underling.
As long as we play the same stupid, senseless game with Hamas or Hezbollah or Iran, Islamic State etc., these monsters will continue their game and ultimately we will end up the losers as are the populations they terrorize.
And disappointed
I’m writing in reference to the article “Attendees boo Bennett and call him a Nazi at a propeace conference,” June 13, when a woman in the crowd protested his speech by performing a “Heil Hitler” salute.
As a Holocaust survivor I am deeply ashamed that today, a Jew in the State of Israel, behaved so shamefully, and in particular with such disrespect to the millions of Jews who did not survive.
In the June 13 report “Confidant of Netanyahu in danger of losing seat in French parliament,” kudos to reader Michelle Mazel of Jerusalem for pointing out that the French-Jewish community breathed a sigh relief that controversial performer Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, who has 10 convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews, did not advance to Sunday’s runoff, and not as stated that he would face former prime minister Manuel Valls in the second round vote.
For the benefit of our readers, the official results from Essonne’s 1st constituency showed that the supposed “comedian” Dieudonné received 1,061 votes, or 3.84% of the vote, in 8th position out of 22 candidates. Valls finished first with 7,033 votes, or 25.45% of the vote, and he will face off against Farida Amrani, who received 4,868 votes, or 17.61% of the vote.
We regret the error.