August 22, 2018: Place Corbyn on MI5 watch list

Our readers have their say.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Place Corbyn on MI5 watch list
A great deal has been made of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s antisemitism. I am not so concerned about that. After all he represents a party that supposedly caters to the working class in the UK, and from my experience growing up there, the working class in the UK is endemically antisemitic. Also, Labor increasingly represents Pakistani Muslim Brits, some of whom have been openly antisemitic and anti-Israel. So it is not surprising that the rank and file of the Labour Party would choose someone like themselves to represent them as their leader.
No, what is really worrying and indeed unacceptable in a British leader, is that Corbyn has allowed his animus towards Jews to influence his political ideology so much that he has repeatedly called Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends.” Let’s remember that these are terrorist organizations, involved in murdering innocent civilians in many countries. Further, they are recognized as terrorist organizations by the UN, the US and, importantly, by Britain. As a friend of these terrorist organizations, as well as of the BDS boycott movement against Israel, Corbyn should be on an MI5 watch list. He has shared stages on numerous occasions with known terrorists, who not only call for the destruction of Israel and the victory of Islam, but have also themselves participated in the planning and carrying out of terrorist attacks.
The increasing tempo of Islamic lone-wolf terrorist attacks in Western Europe is based on a sick ideology that believes that killing infidels in their homelands will bring about the religious war that will result in the victory of Islam. The really dangerous thing about this is that the leader of the British Labour Party is on their side!
Calling for more sensitivity re: the Temple Mount
I was very saddened to see the front page of today’s (August 22) edition. As Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al Adha, we are presented large prominent picture of a man flinging his child in the air on the Temple Mount.
This site is the holiest place in the world to Jews, yet it is a place upon which Arab children play soccer and attack Jews who dare pray. It is unnecessary for the Jerusalem Post to perpetuate the degradation of the Temple Mount by showing such utter disregard for that which is holy to Jews around the world.
Ma’aleh Adumim
Misleading claim
Was Tzipi Livni, our honorable “Opposition leader of the Jewish world” (August 10) genuinely mistaken or deliberately straying from the truth when she told reporter Gil Hoffman that “the Declaration of Independence was signed by everyone, including Arabs, haredim and socialists?” According to the Beit HaAtzmaut official site, there is no Arab listed among the 38 signatories.
This fabricated falsification of historical facts is simply part of the tactics of people with an agenda – whether they be politicians, journalists or reporters. We, the naive public, should be aware that we are being relentlessly manipulated even by those with a “reputation of being Mrs. Clean.”
Who sets the agenda?
The August 16 editorial (“Quiet for quiet”) agrees that our enemies can continue to set the agenda for a weak and desperate Israeli government that has no idea what to do.
Hamas and the population of Gaza are our enemies; to separate the two, portraying one as evil and the other as a victim, is wrong. They are terrorists who celebrate whenever an Israeli is killed. We, the Jewish people, are victims in our own land because of misplaced and dangerous pity for terrorists.
“Quiet for quiet” is another name for surrender – something with which we have become all too familiar from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. One humiliating example is mentioned by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who together with his terrorist organization Fatah is sadly still considered an asset by Netanyahu (“Abbas: We will thwart Trump’s plan and Israel’s Nation-State Law,” August 16). Abbas tells his people, “We want to win in Khan al-Ahmar as we won with the metal detectors.” He is referring to Israel’s decision last year to install metal detectors at the gates of the Temple Mount after a terrorist attack in which two policemen were killed at the holy site. The metal detectors were speedily removed by Netanyahu after he was “threatened” by Abbas that no Moslem would enter our holiest site unless every detector was removed. Netanyahu even phoned Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah of Jordan to assure them that the status quo would not be altered; no Jew would pray at the Temple Mount.
Is this how we want to go – like sheep to the slaughter, even thanking the murderers? We must be grateful that it was not Netanyahu who led Israel when we were attacked in our infancy by five Arab armies.
Ease Jerusalem congestion
Your editorial “Welcoming Tourists” (August 14) and the interview with the president of the Israel Hotel Association on August 9 emphasized the importance of tourism for Israel’s economy and spreading Israel’s message.
While both correctly pointed out the need to encourage tourists to visit the entire country, it is clear the Jerusalem and the Old City, with its religious sites, are of particular interest to most visitors. It is disturbing that access to the Old City via the popular Jaffa Gate is often seriously impeded. The entrance to the Mamilla parking lot is very slow and congestion in both directions on Alrov Street is further fostered by the large sign encouraging people to make a U-turn, thus blocking both lanes of traffic from the Jaffa Gate area. The nearby much more accessible albeit slightly more expensive Karta parking lot is blocked by this congestion.
Mamilla is a great feature of our city but something must be done to facilitate entry to its parking lot and to enhance traffic on Alrov Street.