Letters to the Editor, October 8

Shul 'sale'

Shul 'sale' Sir, Sasha Chamish believes synagogues are put there so that she and others like her can keep to "the habit of a lifetime" and attend on three days in the year ("A woman's place," Letters, October 6). The three days of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur can be compared to the end-of-season sales in the big department stores everyone wants in, and never mind the regulars. A synagogue, apart from being a house of prayer, is a building that needs upkeep. The electricity bills, water bills and cleaners do not pay themselves. While much of a synagogue's administration is voluntary, there is a constant need for funds. If Ms. Chamish does not want to be left on the pavement next year, she can reserve a seat beforehand with the officers of the synagogue of her choice. I am sure she will be welcomed with open arms. CYRIL ATKINS Beit Shemesh Just cause Sir, Re "Court refuses to suspend Judge Cohen" (September 30): What am I missing here? Hila Cohen fabricated minutes of hearings and destroyed court documents. Why is there no legal basis for suspending her? If it is known that a judge lied and then destroyed the very documents that would have proved she lied, is that not basis enough? MARCELLA WACHTEL Jerusalem His mistake Sir, The only reason Pakistan's president is willing to have diplomatic relations with Israel is the belief that Israel will give the Palestinians everything they want, including the West Bank and Jerusalem ("Musharraf: Israel must leave West Bank soon," September 17). Who does he think he's fooling? ADA ENGLISH Cincinnati, Ohio Thanks, Israel... Sir, Re "Israelis sneak into New Orleans to help in post-Katrina chaos" (September 28): "Good for you!" RUSSELL SWAN Slidell, Louisiana ...your people are wonderful Sir, I wish to thank Israel for sending help after Hurricane Katrina. So many thousands of people lost everything due to the high winds and water. Today the area looks like a nuclear bomb exploded; I have never seen so much destruction in all my life. It is heartwarming to know we can count on your wonderful people during the the time of the worst hurricane to hit the US. MILTON PACK Bryan, Texas Seeking family Sir, I'm looking for Shimshon Noi and his descendants, formerly called Neukircher, from Oestinghausen, Cottbus and Berlin. Shimshon's parents, Willy and Hedwig Neukircher, perished in the Holocaust. His grandparents, Philipp Neukircher and Elise, n e Stern, died before the Nazis came to power. Can anyone help? YVONNE STERN ystern@terra.com.br Rio de Janeiro R.I.P. Sir, Re "Inventor of Valium dies at 97" (October 2): May this originator of a revolutionary tranquilizer and two sleeping pills rest in peace. YONATAN SILVER Jerusalem