Letters to the Editor: Poor choice

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Poor choice
Regarding “Man found walking along streets of Tiberias holding decapitated head of wife” (March 30), has The Jerusalem Post become a tabloid in order to attract readers? Why did the editors choose to put this bizarre and disturbing story on the front page?
Why did you put an article on the front page about an insane man who did this to his ex-wife? There were more newsworthy articles in the same edition, like the one on Page 3 about Ayala Shapira, the brave girl who was firebombed by terrorists, and her moving speech (“Attack victim to EU: Stop funding Palestinian terrorists”).
I guess shocking front-page articles sell more newspapers.
Post-truth world
Jesse Rabinowitz’s “From pro-AIPAC to protester” (Comment & Features, March 30) points out the danger of knowing too little and believing too much.
Since Rabinowitz attended AIPAC conferences, listening to the speeches and attending sessions, I could wonder how he failed to understand a very basic element.
There must be a depth to our perceptions of what is written, and a critical evaluation of what we read.
If a young man who was exposed to so much pro-Israel material could read Arab reports claiming Israel killed thousands(!) of civilians and not question the veracity of what he has read, both he and we are in trouble.
Did Rabinowitz not know that the Arabs play fast and loose with the facts, painting us in the blackest shades imaginable? Why didn’t he check his facts? Instead, he shamelessly announces to the world that he has changed his views and become a proud anti-Israel protester.
And why are we in trouble? Because if this is the generation that is going to assume the mantle of leadership in the not-too-distant future, we had better teach them the difference between facts and “fake news.”
I would like to express my disappointment with “From pro-AIPAC to protester.” We live in a world of post-truth. Today, nothing has to be true in order to support it.
My husband and I moved to Israel 20 years ago. We not only experienced several jihads, but we witnessed false reports by the foreign media about Palestinian deaths.
One of the most outrageous was the picture of a little Palestinian boy who supposedly had been killed – only to find out that he was alive and well. We saw videos of Palestinians carrying bodies for burial, and afterwards, the so-called bodies jumping off the stretchers and leaving the scene.
The Palestinians under Yasser Arafat had many opportunities for peace, but always rejected them.
Arafat’s aim was to keep his people impoverished and angry so they would want to kill Israelis. Palestinian organizations have received more money than any organization in the world, so why are they still poor? The answer is clear: The leaders keep all the money for themselves.
I think Mr. Rabinowitz should talk to Brigitte Gabriel and Mosab Hassan Yousef, who, despite being the son of a Hamas leader, became an agent for the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). He should also talk to researcher Steven Emerson, who is very knowledgeable about the truth. As Gabriel has said, the conflict has nothing to do with land because “the agenda of these people is to rule the world.”
I think it is a shame that Jews should stand against their brothers and sisters. They should come here to see what a miracle Israel is.
Suggestion for prize
I congratulate MK Miri Regev on her initiative to include a Diaspora Jew as a recipient of the prestigious Israel Prize (Grapevine, March 29).
I do not have a specific name, but would suggest a university student who courageously faces an anti-Israel atmosphere on campus, including BDS activities, and fights it. Selecting just any well-known personality does not make as big a statement in general to the young Diaspora Jew on the front lines at universities today.
Change at home
Reader Judy Bamberger (“What a tragedy,” Letters, March 29) criticizes Education Minister Naftali Bennett for wishing to enhance the self-worth of Israeli children through the Masa Israeli program.
The program does not promote hatred or racism. Rather, it is about exploring identity and gaining an understanding of one’s background and culture – exactly as is taught in Australia to high school students.
According to research conducted at Australian National University, Canberra, by Dr. Jill Shepard, 92% of Australians are proud of being Australian. What does this say about the country’s indigenous people? Is “disunity” the desired result when Australian children are taught about white culture and achievements? Ms. Bamberger should stick to the many and varied problems in her home country and leave Israel – a tiny country one-third the size of Tasmania and surrounded by enemies who indoctrinate their children in the most destructive way – to handle its own challenges. She might put some effort into writing to the Palestinian education authorities who allow the glorification of terrorists and murder of Jews.
Seeing the greatness
With regard to “Senate panel to question Trump’s son-in-law on Russia” (International News, March 28), it was very moving to see US senators Richard Burr (Republican from North Carolina) and Mark Warner (Democrat from Virginia) on the news explaining that they were embarking on the Trump/Russian probe, but it was not going to be a witch hunt. (Jared Kushner can heave a sigh of relief.) One of the senators put his hand on the other’s shoulder, and they both vowed never to find themselves in a mess like this again. They declared their independence and the fact that they had not coordinated with the White House regarding the scope of the bipartisan investigative probe.
President Donald Trump’s vow to make America great again is coming true, but it is doubtful that this is what he had in mind.
The high moral caliber of these dignified, good-humored, exceptionally intelligent and mature senators made one feel a sense of relief and sanity. They are the ones who personify America’s greatness! They are in no rush, and they intend to gather all the information they need in a painstaking fashion. They are going to make a tremendous effort on behalf of America and the world.
All the elections being held around the globe are in jeopardy from Russian meddling, but the panic and fear is receding because at last, we can see where the buck stops.
This is the country that will root out the evil because it has a magnificent, feisty population that has produced leaders like these, whose measured response invokes the almost forgotten feeling of security and greatness.