Letters to the Editor: True essence

When I see a burkini, I see a Muslim angel of death.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
True essence
I wanted to thank you for the great “non-photo” of Donald Trump accompanying “Trump calls for special prosecutor to investigate Clinton Foundation” (August 24). You inadvertently captured his true essence!
The editor responds: The photo was improperly cropped due to an editing error, leaving Trump out of the photo. We apologize to our readers.
Ban on burkinis
With regard to “Fight Islam intelligently: Ban the burkini ban” (Center Field, August 24), Gil Troy doesn’t seem to like western behavior or culture, which promote “libertinism, exhibitionism and promiscuity.” In brief, the West is decadent.
So let’s choose honor killings, Shari’a amputation for thieves, the persecution of minorities, mass killings, etc.
When I see a burkini, I see a Muslim angel of death.
When I see a woman in a bikini, I see grace, elegance and beauty – but I guess that makes me racist, sexist and a chauvinist, so I should suffer in silence and see a good psychologist.
Anyway, let’s go all the way and allow nudity on beaches and everywhere. I don’t suppose there will be many women (or men) who want to do this, but isn’t a democracy supposed to support the rights of the minority? Or is this restricted to huge and powerful religious groups?
Chabad contributes
In “Can Israel teach American Jews about Jewish Identity?” (Observations, August 19) Reuven Hammer, former president of the Conservative movement’s International Rabbinical Assembly, serves up sour grapes in what devolves into an anti-Chabad diatribe. Chabad should not receive funds to teach about Jewish identity and connection to Israel because it is not sufficiently connected to the state and Zionism? In 1956, after six people were killed by fedayeen during evening prayers at the agricultural school in Kfar Chabad near Lod, members of the community and school were considering whether the price of staying was simply too high. The Lubavitcher Rebbe sought to comfort his followers and answered that they should remain and build. That is what they did, and continue to do today.
True, Chabad does not introduce Israeli national observances into its religious practices. However, many Chabad followers serve in the IDF. They also put themselves in danger to visit Israeli soldiers in times of war to provide physical and spiritual support.
Chabad’s emissaries function as pro-Israel ambassadors in dealings with Jews and non-Jews throughout the world, and provide a Jewish community center abroad for Israelis, many of whom are or were soldiers.
Above all, Chabad and its followers do all this in a way that embraces all types of Jews with tremendous love and affection.
Beit Shemesh
Offering assistance
I am writing in response to reader Ellen Sucov’s letter of August 17 (“Relevant and practical”). I believe I can assist her and her group in seeking ways to reach and help people with dementia.
I am a licensed clinical psychologist.
I volunteer as the clinical and training director at an all-volunteer mental health center. One of our projects is working with groups of people with dementia at several retirement homes. We use a combination of music, singing and sand-tray therapy to promote reminiscence and interaction. It can be helpful with individuals, too.
I actually teach mental- health counselors ways to better interact with people with dementia and how to work with them therapeutically, and also do special work with caregivers at all stages. I have written materials I can share.
My Hebrew is not good enough to be understood, but my daughter can translate if necessary. I visit her and her family every year where they live, not far from Jerusalem. I am volunteering, not asking to be paid, to help people while I am in Israel in early December.
Boynton Beach, Florida
The writer can be reached at [email protected]
CORRECTION Contrary to what was stated in “Is the Booker-Boteach bromance back on?” (August 25), US Sen. Cory Booker was not present at the wedding of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s daughter.
The Jerusalem Post regrets the error.