August 30: Taking on Syria

With regard to “NATO allies dismiss UN as they prepare to strike Syria” (August 29), the Arab League correctly has condemned the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Taking on Syria
Sir, – With regard to “NATO allies dismiss UN as they prepare to strike Syria” (August 29), the Arab League correctly has condemned the use of weapons of mass destruction by whoever used them in Syria, and is urging the West to punish the perpetrators for this crime against innocent people, who included, of course, children.
My observation is that as most of the members of the Arab League are armed to the teeth with what we are informed is highly sophisticated weaponry, it is incumbent on the Arab nations to first punish Syria, and then ensure that it does not repeat this murderous behavior.
Surely it is within the remit of the Arab League to recognize that this is an Arab problem and that it should not fall upon the rest of the world to finance and risk life and limb, once again, on its behalf.MARTIN LEWIS Hod Hasharon
Sir, – I can understand the Obama administration’s reluctance to get involved militarily in the Syrian civil war.
However, it is incomprehensible how, in light of the recent largescale use of chemical warfare, America, along with the other enlightened nations, are unable to organize a massive airlift of gas masks, filtered incubators, atropine syringes, detox systems and whatever else is necessary to minimize the effects of these barbarous and inhumane acts.
Tired of the terms
Sir, – I respectfully request that in the future you stop referring to our towns and villages in Judea and Samaria as “settlements.”
This conjures up enclaves perched on hilltops and surrounded by barbed wire and fences.
Likewise, the derogatory title “settler” conjures up a Davy Crockett character running around waving a weapon.
Towns and villages like Efrat and Ma’aleh Adumim, with thousands of productive residents, are no more “settlements” than are Tel Aviv and Petah Tikva. A newspaper of note such as The Jerusalem Post should set an example and take that word out of use.
Poisoned minds
Sir, – I am surprised that your excellent Media Comment feature has never mentioned the Balen Report, which looked into BBC bias against Israel.
The British news gathering organization has spent a lot of money in an effort to keep the report out of the public domain. This confirms that the BBC, the most influential purveyor of international news, has been poisoning the minds of millions of people around the world for many years.
LEO MARKS Avihayil Please answer
Sir, – Many things are happening in our little country, things that are of concern to someone such as myself and many others.
As a very concerned citizen I take the time to connect and communicate with our Knesset members. Sometimes it is to commend them on their actions. Other times it might be to suggest something.
Then there are the times I disagree with them and want to express my dismay.
Sadly, I have to report that there is almost never a response. It does not matter if it was a complaint or a compliment. There is no response.
Tell me, dear Knesset members: Why do you have email addresses? Why are you not more responsive? Why do we seem to hear from you only in an election year? Why do we not get, at the very minimum, of confirmation that our letters were received? I would really appreciate an answer. The Israeli public deserves better!