August 6: Fly the flag

Let's show the world we are proud to be Israeli and that we support our country.

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letters to the editor 88
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Fly the flag Sir, - Yes, in order to survive Israel must win this war, and every war. Let's show the world we are proud to be Israeli and that we support our country. Start flying your flags from your balconies and cars. Let every picture sent out from Israel show Israeli flags flying free and proud! My two are already flying. I hope yours will be too ("A war we must win, at any price," Uzi Landau, August 2). RUCHEL LESLI Tel Aviv Sir, - Philosopher Ayn Rand wrote: "A half-battle is worse than none: It does not end in mere defeat - it helps and hastens the victory of your enemies." How long before Israel, and my country, learn that simple lesson? STEVEN BROCKERMAN Las Vegas Dr. Hero Sir, - I am the grandmother of a wounded soldier. We hear little of the doctors who save lives in battle, and of those who work to the point of exhaustion in our hospitals. Not only do they give of their medical expertise, they offer constant encouragement to the wounded and their families. They take the time to explain the healing process and are open to the questions and concerns of those involved. ROSALYN RIBNER Ra'anana Hindus with you... Sir, - True Hindus of India are with you all the way in your fight against Islamic terror, despite the Muslim-bootlicking attitude of our government. Our shortsighted leaders do not understand that both Hindus and Jews are in the crosshairs of Islamic murderers. You have to win the current fight against Hizbullah terrorists, whose sole aim is the destruction of Israel, pure and simple. These madrassa-trained zealots are responsible for their plight, but blame everyone else for their problems. We Hindus pray for your victory! ARJUN RANA New Delhi ...against cowards Sir, - I just want to let you good and intelligent people of Israel know that there are some sane people out here in the world who support your defense of your people and homeland. You are fighting moral midgets, cowardly, hate-filled people. And those in the world who won't speak up in your defense are also cowards. You can't negotiate with people who hate you and want you dead. COLLEEN GRAY Ashland, Oregon Sir, - Why, in the middle of a war, run a headline on your front page saying our soldiers are fearful? ("Joshing but fearful on the way into Lebanon," August 2.) It's demoralizing, unless the aim was to cheer up Hizbullah. Our PR efforts are abysmal as it is. MARCELLA WACHTEL Jerusalem Not war? Sir, - In Israel's topsy-turvy world, when • two million citizens remain for weeks on end in bomb shelters; • 2,000 rockets are fired at us from the north; • tens of thousands of reservists are called up; • tens of thousands of bombs and missiles are dropped by the IAF on our enemies; • hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition are fired at our enemies; • we suffer numerous dead and injured and billions of dollars worth of damage; • factories, offices and businesses are closed and • the world is clamoring for us to stop our fire at the enemy which seeks to destroy us and every news report in the world media leads with this situation - the government tells us it's not war! ("High Court rejects Beilin's petition to declare war," August 3.) Have we become so gullible to stupidity from the highest in the land who wish to rewrite the dictionary? COLIN L. LECI Jerusalem Message to Olmert Sir, - Whilst Ehud Olmert is right to "Apologize for pullout remarks" (On-Line Edition August 2), the 10 refusenik reservists have sent him an important message. Having seen the sacrifice of Gush Katif and its burned synagogues repaid by even more rabid aggression and killing, few Jewish officers will be ready to assist in any future withdrawals. If the prime minister is so determined to press ahead with further Jewish evictions he would be well-advised to recruit the next battalion of bailiffs from the ranks of the multinational force being assembled for south Lebanon. ZALMI UNSDORFER Chairman, Likud-Herut London Iran and Syria: Above the fray Sir, - The most egregious miscarriage of justice in the incendiary conflict between Hizbullah and Israel is that the two nations ultimately culpable for the deaths and destruction remain above the fray and are not suffering any consequences for their enabling of Hizbullah in its war on Israel ("Hold Damascus responsible," Daniel Pipes, August 2). It would be eminently appropriate and justified if Israel were to announce, as suggested, that "for every target hit by Syria's proxy, Israel would single out Syrian targets for attack." Syria is reluctant to open a front against Israel and such a threat could possibly break the unholy alliance between Iran and Syria in their goal to rearm and resupply Hizbullah with rockets and missiles. The fact that they can effectuate such destabilization of the region with impunity must be opposed and neutralized. FAY DICKER Lakewood, New Jersey Sir, - Daniel Pipes doubts the possibility of organizing an effective international force capable of dealing with Hizbullah. The problem could be solved by raising a volunteer army in the US, modeled on the Lincoln Brigades organized during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. This time around, the volunteers would be recruited to fight the Islamic version of fascism. The force would be a pro-Lebanese, pro-Western force of idealistic fighters who believe that fascism is a threat to civilized people everywhere and must be confronted resolutely. There are plenty of passionate and idealistic people in America who would participate. >i>DAVID KATCOFF Jericho, Vermont Let them in Sir, - It was sickening to read a story like "Wounded soldier fights for family's aliya" (August 2). If the Bnei Menashe identify as Jews, if the Rabbinate says they're Jews, if they fight in the IDF, what possible reason to deny them the right to make aliya? Considering the worldwide demographic trends showing our diminishing population, I don't think we should beturning people away. TERRY BRODSKY Eilat >b>Glad to interrupt you Sir, - My pet peeve these days is TV interviewers who invite experts to share their expertise and then constantly interrupt them before they can answer the questions posed to them. Notably, the worst offenders are not the top-level personalities like Haim Yavin, but second-and third-level people who have been recruited at this time. They feel they have something to prove and attempt to do it by showing how much they know, at the expense of the viewers, who really want to be informed. Something ought to be done to stop this practice. LEONARD ZURAKOV Netanya