February 9: Why choose MKs over kids?

The Israeli public might rightly ask: Why prioritize Knesset fortification over reinforcing Sderot classrooms?

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letters to the editor 88
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Why choose MKs over kids? Sir, - "Knesset fortification approved" (February 8) reported that NIS 375 million have been allocated for security reinforcement of the roof of the Knesset building - ironic, when on the same day the Prime Minister's Office filed a reply with the Supreme Court to the effect that it had decided not to honor Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's promise to reinforce against rocket attacks all classrooms through 6th grade in Sderot and other communities next to the Gaza Strip, only those up to third grade. The Israeli public might rightly ask: Why this choice of priorities? SILAS HEPPNER Neveh Ilan Justice at last Sir, - After reading Evelyn Gordon's "Judicial hypocrisy" (February 8) carefully, I am convinced that Police Dep-Cmdr. Miri Golan ought to be taken to court for giving wrong information and intimidating the twentysomething "H." Sure, she had her own reasons, and because of that she should be held responsible. The whole Haim Ramon affair was handled in a bad way, and I have no doubt that all those responsible had their own private reasons. Thank God for the appointment of Daniel Friedmann as justice minister; I am certain he would have intervened and not let things go the way they did. HANNAH BRAMSON Haifa Get real, Israel Sir, - Sarah Kass is absolutely correct that the key to changing the geopolitical balance of power in the Middle East lies in finding alternative energy sources and weaning the West off fossil fuels ("The longest-running reality show," February 7). It will happen eventually due to limited supplies, the vulnerabilities of the oil fields, rising costs and environmental issues such as the harm done to the ozone layer. Israel, with our main natural resource - found between our ears - will be perfectly placed as an essential component in the new innovative reality. Unless, of course, our shortsighted leaders continue to appease an implacable foe, relinquish territory necessary for our security, denigrate our inherent rights to this land and in general undermine what could be a very bright future by risking our entire existence. Reality show? More like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Where are you, Jack Bauer? EVE HAROW Efrat Presto! Sir, - I am a magician recently returned to Israel from the United States, who would love to perform magic tricks, free of charge, for kids in hospitals across Israel. My hope is to make sick kids smile and be happy. If you are interested, please call 054-441-0613. YOSSI GALIMIDI Tel Aviv