July 28: Incorrect image

Publishing the photo of three soldiers comforting each other projects weakness to our enemies.

letters good 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters good 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Incorrect image Sir, - Publishing the photo of three soldiers comforting each other on the front page of July 25 was inappropriate. Israelis know our soldiers are strong, caring and compassionate, after all they are our husbands, sons, brothers and nephews. To our enemies, however, the picture projects weakness and may encourage more brutal terrorist attacks in the misguided belief that they can overcome and destroy us. ANNE HYMAN Netanya Sir, - This is not the time to show the soft side of the IDF. What kind of message are we sending to Hassan Nasrallah and co. with your photo of the soldiers on the front page? JOHANNES FELTEN Tel Aviv 'Post' on target Sir, - I am not Jewish, but I love your newspaper. Thank you for showing the pictures of your brave fallen soldiers. It is hard to look at them, but it makes a fine point: These are the young men who gave their lives to their beloved homeland. The majority of Americans support Israel fully. Your war is also ours. ROGER DEVERO Miami, Florida UNIFIL, shyunifil Sir, - As our first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, would have responded to your editorial ("Annan's libel" July 27), "UNIFIL, shyunifil." How long will it take the world to realize that the Arab terrorists will never miss an opportunity to shield themselves with their women, children, non-combatant civilians, foreign entities and holy places. Yet when Israel inadvertently harms any of these shields to target terrorist murderers, the world is outraged. This double standard of turning a blind eye in one case and condemning Israel in the other, is an age-old anti-Semitic ploy that can no longer be tolerated. Those who apply this double standard must be made to understand that Jewish blood no longer comes cheaply. HAIM M. LERNER Ganei Tikva Sir, - One doesn't need to be a haredi Jew not to watch TV - it saves me from being ingrained with hysterics and misleading pictures. One doesn't need to have poor Hebrew not to listen to the radio news - it saves me from an hourly bombardment of emotions pounding my eardrums. From time to time I read news flashes on the Internet and my Jerusalem Post while I'm traveling. I enjoy your detailed and wide reporting, analysis and letters. Sane voices in a crazy world. MOSHE-MORDECHAI VAN ZUIDEN Jerusalem Snakes in the grass Sir, - Anyone who does not support Israel in defending its own must be extremely narrow minded. No country can allow such terrorist groups to "camp" next door and murder innocent persons whenever they wish. No one would allow cobras to den in his or her backyard! JOHN WM. KELLY Mill Spring, North Carolina Engage MKs Sir, - We all understand that the war we are engaged in is costing Israel hundreds of millions every day (Commerce rejects compensation plan," July 27). It would be interesting to hear how much the patriotic politicians are donating to this vital cause. Perhaps they should contribute half their salaries. SYBIL SHAPIRO Jerusalem