March 4: Warrior prince

If Prince Harry is looking for another job, we could offer him one as adviser to our government.

letters 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters 88
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Warrior prince Sir, - Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne and proud representative of a long line of British warrior princes, served his country with distinction in Afghanistan. With his presence becoming known, it was politically too dangerous for him to remain with his troops and he was persuaded to return to Britain six weeks early ("Prince Harry, exposed by the media, returns home from fighting in Afghanistan," March 2). Interviewed on Sky News, the prince said: "Your first job is to save your own guys. If you've got to drop the bomb, you drop the bomb." Anyone hear cries of dismay from "humanitarian" groups worldwide bemoaning civilian casualties? Of course not. What Prince Harry did was protect his "guys," and that is what governments have to do. If the prince is looking for another job, we could offer him one as adviser to our government. CYRIL ATKINS Beit Shemesh Sky's the limit Sir, - I sent this e-mail to to Sky News ([email protected]) on Saturday evening: "I am maddened by your reportage of the 'civilian' deaths in Gaza. What you have neglected to add to this is the fact that on Thursday, after [the] killing [of] a father of four on Wednesday, there were no less than 50 Kassams and Grad (Katyusha) rockets shot at Sderot, Ashkelon and other sites within Israel proper - i.e., not 'settlements.' On Friday there were more than 32, one Grad slamming into an apartment building in Ashkelon with devastating consequences. "Your shoddy reporting is quite breathtaking, as it in no way portrays why Israel is taking this kind of defensive measure. "We are not shooting at 'militants.' These are Hamas terrorists who have taken control of the Gaza Strip after a full withdrawal of Israelis in 2005!" REIDA MISHORY-ISSEROFF Moshav Olesh 'Hear ye, Gazans' Sir, - We should tell the civilian population of Gaza directly that while it is more than unfortunate that they are injured and, at times, killed by Israeli strikes on the terrorists, it is also true that they were the ones who elected the Hamas regime in the first place, and it is therefore they who must absorb the natural consequences of that vote. We should appeal to them as well to overthrow this regime and, by so doing, work to undermine Hamas from the "inside." If they do so, the crossings can be reopened and a sense of normalcy can return ("What does international law say about bombing homes from which rockets are fired?" Dan Izenberg, March 3) MARNIN FISCHBACH Pittsburgh Israel has no choice... Sir, - In 2005, Israel pulled out of Gaza with no intention of ever returning, hoping it would be a step closer to peace. The fundamental responsibility of any national government is to protect its citizens. Israel must act in self-defense in the face of these missile attacks on its cities and towns. Israel has been suffering for years under these worsening attacks from Gaza. She has no choice but to finally take decisive action against those who are targeting her people ("Operation Hot Winter begins to clear 'Kassam perimeter' zone," March 3). HARRY J. GRUNSTEIN Hampstead, Quebec ...but to protect its citizens Sir, - Writing on behalf of a large number of scientists, journalists and engineers, we address PM Olmert: The amputation of eight-year-old Osher Twito's leg resulted in the amputation of our long patience. We will no longer fund your long-term political appeasement plans with our suffering and blood. Those who are the enemies of our people must either reconcile themselves, today, to our existence, or die, today, instead of us. We demand that you bring down on the Gaza Strip such a disproportionate power of retaliation - a large-scale military operation aimed at where the rockets and mortars are launched - as will forever force any potential enemy to abstain from aggression against our people. I. BRUSKIN M. AMUSIA M. PERELMAN Jerusalem Lower your standards... Sir, - Fight the enemy on its terms: Take no prisoners, only hostages, and do not worry about what the rest of the world thinks. Israel will be blamed, right or wrong. HARRY WELTMAN Ottawa ...raise your demands Sir, - Now that the Palestinians have severed contact with us, negotiations should recommence only after the Palestinians acknowledge Israel's Jewish status ("World to press for calm after PA freezes peace talks," March 2). RONNIE STEKEL Jerusalem Fine work Sir, - Khaled Abu Toameh's news articles on the territories have made our subscription to The Jerusalem Post worthwhile. Nowhere else do we receive as incisive a picture of the functioning of Fatah and Hamas, their leaders and the thinking of the Arab populations in the West Bank and Gaza ("Hamas, pushing for cease-fire, reaches out to Arab nations," March 3). NORMA MARX Jerusalem On the mark Sir, - The only spokesman who speaks the Queen's English is the PM's foreign press spokesman, Mark Regev. I wish they would leave it to him to comment on the present situation ("Who's credible in the information war?" Letters, March 3). Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i should understand that the foreign media is waiting for errors in speech with which to attack Israel. "Ye Sages, be heedful of your words" ("Vilna'i's 'shoah' comment misinterpreted as warning of a holocaust in Gaza Strip," March 2). MICHAEL PLASKOW Netanya Sir, - Having just returned from London, I cannot agree more with Hazel Seager's letter pleading for a spokesperson with clear and simple English explaining the Israeli side of this current war (Letters, March 3). In this respect I would like to recommend Michael Freeman, head of FZY Israel, whom I have heard speak on numerous occasions. He is both articulate and extremely knowledgeable on the situation in Israel and would be an asset to the state. MITCHELL BARNETT Tel Aviv Party to folly Sir, - Liat Collins contrasts the treatment of ex-president Moshe Katsav with the case of Haim Ramon "who, having been found guilty of forcibly French-kissing a female soldier, is now deputy prime minister." It may be a bit cynical to suggest that their party affiliations were a significant factor, but I would be much relieved if this could be categorically disproved ("The devil's advocate," March 2). MARTIN D. STERN Salford, UK CORRECTION The article on page 5 of Monday's Jerusalem Post about Magen David Adom providing treatment for Israelis and Palestinians was inaccurately headlined and edited. It should have made plain that MDA is transferring sick Palestinians for ongoing treatment in Israeli hospitals.