May 27: Making us proud...

The American people understand Netanyahu’s message. Israelis who are in opposition must unite with that message. That is the road to peace.

Making us proud...
Sir, – Israel can be very proud of Binyamin Netanyahu, who was given an exceedingly warm welcome by the United States Congress (“‘Some settlements will end up beyond Israel’s borders,’ Netanyahu concedes,” May 25). Freedom- loving people everywhere can now state very clearly what the prime minister of Israel said – that the problem has always been the lack of Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.
The time has come to change this point of view.
This is what Netanyahu said in his magnificent address when he stated that PA President Mahmoud Abbas should affirm that the Palestinians recognize the State of Israel as the Jewish state once and for all.
The American people understand Netanyahu’s message. Israelis who are in opposition must unite with that message. That is the road to peace.
Sir, – Now that Prime Minister Netanyahu forcefully reminded everyone that “Jews are not interlopers in Judea and Samaria,” one would hope that all Israeli governments, from municipal level to the Knesset, cabinet and Prime Minister’s Office, rejects any statement or diplomatic message that uses the words “occupied territories.”
Those words do not apply to Israel.
...well, mostly
Sir, – Yet another black day on which an Israeli prime minister tries (and manages) to appease the world, but seems to have ignored reality in order to get there.
How can Binyamin Netanyahu, in all his ambition, forget that when we offer a demilitarized state we would end up with one that is militarized? What in the world would block the Palestinians from going the way of Gaza?
Sir, – History tells us that compromises and concessions never bring peace, only more of the same, each time leaving us more vulnerable.
Prime Minister Netanyahu talked of recognizing that in a genuine peace, we will be required to give up parts of the Jewish homeland. What madness pervades him that he can even think of such a scenario? After thousands of years of praying to return, after being abandoned by all the so-called civilized countries when our people sought refuge from German ovens, we are still asking permission from these same people? Such degradation and humiliation is irreconcilable with a free people in its own historic land. So in which way will the prime minister be “leading us to peace?”
Venue in question
Sir, – Although I have some doubts about what Georgian oligarch Gabriel Mirilashvili means when he states that “business and Judaism are inseparable” (“From Georgia, with love – and money,” Comment & Features, May 24), I have far more serious reservations concerning several aspects of the red carpet event hosted by the Peres Center for Peace in celebration of Mirilashvili’s 50th birthday.
An event that purports to express the importance of Judaism with the presence of the chief rabbis should enjoy the meticulous planning and dignity that would avert the circumstances where “Orthodox rabbis with bushy beards brushed shoulders with women in short dresses and stiletto heels.”
The second reason for the particular venue was to raise funds for the Peres Center, which endeavors to promotes ties between Jews and Arabs. One is prompted to ask whether the center, since its inception, has had any success in advancing the cause of peace, or merely continues to raise funds that would do better good elsewhere, especially when the Arabs deny our right to exist.
Petah Tikva