March 23, 2018: ‘Friends’ like the UK

More on UK-Israeli relations.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
‘Friends’ like the UK
Your report “UK not pleased with Israel response to poison attack” (March 21) quotes the British Embassy as saying: “‘We expect strong statements of support from our close partners, Israel included.’” A bit over a year ago, the UK voted against Israel on the infamous United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, declaring that all settlements are illegal (with wording implying that Israel was also illegally occupying Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall).
The Guardian reported at the time that Britain played a key role behind the scenes in ensuring that the resolution would pass.
The UK slaps Israel in the face and then expects its strong support.
If that’s not chutzpah, I don’t know what is.
So the UK is not pleased with Israel’s response.
Now is surely the time for Prime Minister Teresa May to realize that its role in promoting what became Security Council Resolution 2334 on her watch, and more recently its criticism of US President Donald Trump’s recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, have their consequences.
While maintaining that the UK is a friend of Israel, such conduct is hardly the way to treat a friend, so it should be no surprise that this is now being reciprocated.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has to tread a very thin line with Russian President Vladimir Putin in relation to Iran and Syria, and Israel’s interests.
Good on him for treating Israel’s interests above those of the UK.
Prime Minister May should realize that there are a goodly number of UK citizens like me who regard her government’s treatment of Israel – with false assertions that settlements are illegal under international law, when they are not – as unforgivable .
Tel Aviv
Important to Jews
What “Israel clears mines from Qasr el-Yahud baptism site” (March 21) fails to mention is that the Arabic name, meaning castle or crown of the Jews, relates to a significant event in Jewish history.
Qasr el-Yahud could be the possible place that the people of Israel, under the guidance of Joshua after the death of Moses, crossed into the Land of Israel.
Many Jews have a custom of going to this historical site, especially before Pessah, to say the blessing “ this place, God did a miracle for the people of Israel.”
Many historical places have been rediscovered based on an Arabic name that relates to a Jewish historical event. This is one of them. It is recommended that Israelis stop and take a look at this spot on their way up or down the Jordan Valley or take a slight detour on their way to the Dead Sea. It is quite exciting.
Matter of placement
It is indeed newsworthy to read about Ra’anana’s new mayor (“Ra’anana gets country’s first gay mayor,” March 20). I am interested to know why the article headlined “TA joins world-wide effort to reduce HIV” was placed directly above it.
Beit Shemesh
Impossible dream?
The article on the Tel Aviv whiskey fair (“Whisky and the Holy Land: A budding romance?” Arts & Entertainment, March 19) extols the growth and production of Israeli whiskey. It reminds me of the book by Paul Torday: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.
Now for the praise
With regard to reader Velvel Zev Weisz’s condemnation of The Jerusalem Post for inviting Ehud Olmert to speak at its New York conference (“Giving Olmert a stage,” Letters, March 19), let us not forget that it was Olmert who had the guts to defy the rest of the world and take out Syria’s nuclear plant.