Ehud Olmert

Former Jerusalem Mayor and Kadima prime minister, resigned as PM in 2009 over corruption allegations
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An Israeli flag is spread out on top of the president's residence for Independence Day

Grapevine September 17: Nasi jubilee

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Olmert: UAE leaders took daring steps for peace; Will Israel, Palestinians follow?

The former prime minister in dialogue with editor-in-chief Yaakov Katz

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Did Bennett teach Netanyahu

Olmert to Bennett: Your job isn’t to prove you’re more Right than Bibi

Incoming prime minister Bennett’s “job is to bring calm and not fall for the provocations and violence of Likud,” Olmert said.

Prime Minister Benjmain Netanyahu (L) and Ehud Olmert (R)

Netanyahu family sues ex-PM Ehud Olmert for defamation

The former prime minister had called current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 'mentally ill' * Suit demands NIS 837,000 in damages.

The return of the ‘two-state solution’ - opinion

With the advent of the Biden administration in the US, the phrase “two-state solution” appears to have returned to the forefront in the new US administration’s “reset” of its policy.


Netanyahu family threatens to sue former PM Olmert for slander - report

In a recent interview given to Democrat TV the former prime minister referred to the Netanyahu family as "mentally ill"

Ehud Olmert: Merav Michaeli is the change Israel needs in 2021

I’ve come a long way from being part of Betar, which was founded by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, from being among the founders of Likud and through all of the positions that I’ve held over the years.


Sheldon Adelson dwarfs Ehud Olmert's contributions to Israel - opinion

Olmert is still intimidated by a great American philanthropist, even after his passing.


Olmert: I hate everything Sheldon Adelson loved about Israel - opinion

Everything I love about Israel has nothing to do with Adelson.

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