October 16: Saving electricity

Everyone knows that LED lighting uses only a tenth of the power used by other bulbs, but they are very expensive. Solution: Immediately cancel the VAT for LEDs.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Carrying weapons
I recently attended a Hapoel Jerusalem game at the city arena with a friend who was refused entry because he was carrying a gun, which he is licensed to carry. The guards quoted a law that does not allow individuals to carry weapons into sporting venues. Although it allows the officer in charge to make a final decision on entry, this, too, was refused.
I understand that fans can get very rowdy and that there can be logic to this law. I find it very strange, though – especially when the mayor of Jerusalem has called on everyone licensed to carry a weapon to do so – that city sporting arenas have not taken proper measures to establish a place where weapons can be deposited during a game. It should be no different from anyplace else that does not allow weapons inside.
I also found it very distressing that the extent of the security at the arena was a brief pat-down at the entrance (no wand or metal detecting gate).
I look forward to the arena changing its current system so all fans can be properly checked when they enter and have a place to securely store a licensed weapon.
Carrying guns is not effective unless one is really fast and accurate on the draw. On the contrary, it can work against us, as we see with the snatching of soldiers’ weapons.
Much more effective would be widely available self-defense training. Yeshivot should particularly encourage it, as many of their students are perceived as weaklings and suffer more attacks.
God helps those who help themselves. It is not that hard to disarm a frenzied attacker – and even return the favor by stabbing him back. Were this to happen, it would shame the terrorists and evaporate their motivation.
Practicing self-defense is enjoyable and very healthy.
It builds stamina and helps us diminish our increasing waistlines. I was reminded of this during a recent press conference when looking at the leadership of our defense establishment.
Saving electricity
With all the pontification about saving electricity (“Adam Teva V’Din demands broad energy efficiency program,” October 13), I read a paucity of ideas, so here are a couple.
Everyone knows that LED lighting uses only a tenth of the power used by other bulbs, but they are very expensive. Solution: Immediately cancel the VAT for LEDs. If this is not enough, study the price at which there is a significant increase in demand and then legislate a subsidy to reach that price point.
When sales increase, there might be a further reduction in price based on higher sales.
In this manner, Israel can substantially reduce the long-term demand for expensive power at a fraction of the cost of new power plants.
Poor mail service
I can’t count how many times I have opened the mail only to find it is not mine. My name is clearly printed on my mailbox. I have begun to wonder whether someone else is getting my mail.
This is not just a onetime occurrence and apparently I am not alone. There is a possibility that those awaiting statements or bills requiring payment are charged interest for late payments due to the mix up by the person making the postal delivery.
I fully understand that the Israel Postal Company operates with little profit.
However, that is no excuse for the poor service.
NOTIFICATION Following publication of this week’s Billboard, the American band Sebadoh (Page 4) announced the cancellation of its Sunday night concert in Tel Aviv due to the security situation.