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Yaniv Cohen and Lea Landman at the Abba Eban Institute in Herzliya

Diplomatic innovation award announced

“The award that we are going to be presenting is a step to inject more innovation in diplomacy.”

Abba Eban Institute introduces innovative diplomacy award

Former Ambassador to the UK Ron Prosor says Innodip Award "...will shift the spotlight to these groundbreaking initiatives that are changing the diplomatic world..."

Ron Prosor: The diplomatic toolbox of tomorrow

In order to think outside the box, first you need to know what is in the box.

IDF Paratroopers relax after liberating the Western Wall during the Six Day War

How three men on a New York floor helped Israel win the Six Day War

He had immediately set the tone. Egypt and Syria were the aggressors, Israel was resisting. And Israel had stood alone – “by its independent effort and sacrifice.”

Abba Eban

Abba Eban: Americans say a Palestinian state is a very negative idea

Israeli preparations in December 1967 for a series of negotiations with Jordan was published for the first time on Thursday by Israel’s National Archives.

Six Day War Project

Relive the Six Day War: Immediate aftermath

Special 50-Year Anniversary Series: Along with land, Israel finds itself in control of a population it had no intention of governing before the war.

Hapoel Beersheba

Beersheba aims to keep grip on title hopes

With Mac TA in action on Sunday, Southerners can climb back into first place by beating Sakhnin.

El Al

Israel warns Passover travelers to be extra vigilant

Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Be aware of your surroundings and don’t stand out in a crowd.

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