On this day, 65 years ago... [pg. 14]

65 YEARS AGO On April 23, 1941, The Palestine Post reported that the new battle for Tobruk had began. This time it was the Germans who attacked, in huge force, the retreating British units, weakened by the massive assistance to Greece. The Allied line in Greece, reinforced by units drawn from the Middle East, remained unbroken under heavy German pressure. The local Greek resistance was described as "exceptionally stubborn." Palestinian troops were mentioned in dispatches as having played an important part in liberating Abyssinia and Eritrea. Germany was reported to be pressing Spain and General Franco to join the Axis. Despite the wartime conditions the Palestine Foundation Fund received during 1940 over 80,000 in donations. 50 YEARS AGO On April 23, 1956, The Jerusalem Post reported from Washington that President Dwight Eisenhower pledged US support and assistance to any nation in the Middle East which might be subjected to aggression. In London the Israeli Embassy denied a local press report claiming that a "large" arms shipment left the docks for Israel. Canada announced that the Israeli request for jet fighters would be considered in view of the prospects of the recently signed Israeli-Egyptian cease-fire agreement. Romania released scores of arrested Zionist leaders. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen signed a military pact. The Second World Conference of the World Habonim Movement was held in Tiberias. 25 YEARS AGO On April 23, 1981, The Jerusalem Post reported that the US Administration formally announced that it had decided to sell five AWACS surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia. The West German government announced that it was banning Hitler's book Mein Kampf, 36 years after his death. Interior Minister Josef Burg refused to advance the clocks one hour even to save fuel.