A 2009 compact

If you really believe that peace and suicide are synonymous, have the moral courage to say so.

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jihadist 88
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In the tenor of heshbon nefesh - the spiritual "audit" we should all be engaging in as a fateful new year approaches - we in Israel do solemnly entreat the forgiveness of our Western democratic friends for the burden of guilt we seem to have inflicted on you for your massive immobility in the face of the destruction of one third of our people some 65 years ago. With the passage of time, the burden apparently became so unmanageable that you felt compelled to take refuge behind a fantasy world in which the Palestinian Arabs among us who dream and plot our disappearance from the map of the Middle East are cast as innocent victims of oppression while we, for the alleged crime of defending ourselves, are designated their oppressors. THIS STATE of affairs has served neither of us well. So let's make a deal. For want of a better term, call it the "2009 Compact." We will convert Yad Vashem into one extended hall honoring Righteous Gentiles if you will cease taxing us with the obligation of retreating to the Auschwitz borders of pre-June 1967, repartitioning Jerusalem, making Syria a gift of the Golan Heights and opening what will be left of Israel to 4.5 million radicalized Arab so-called refugees. In other words, in return for Holocaust "absolution," you would grant us the right to defend our homes and our land without having to treat you as hostile witnesses. That means no more pretending that people who set off bombs on buses or gun down students at a Talmudic seminary are simply misunderstood freedom fighters. We don't expect you to publicize in your media the repeated calls for Israel's extermination emanating from the mosques, the marketplaces and the kindergartens of your favored Palestinians - that would be asking too much - but we think we have the right to expect as part of this compact that you cease flogging us and the rest of the world with the infamous notion that peace in the Middle East demands the creation of a jihadist Palestinian rump state in the heartland of Israel. If you really believe that peace and suicide are synonymous, have the moral courage to say so. Otherwise, turn it off. SO THERE you have it. To paraphrase the Lord's Prayer, you forgive us the "trespass" of burdening you with your indifference to the destruction of six million European Jews as we forgive you the "trespass" of demanding, in the name of "peace," that we place upon the altar of the heirs to Hitler's unfinished business the lives of another six million. Just make your mark on the bottom line. The author represents New York-based Americans For A Safe Israel in Israel and is co-editor of the Jerusalem-based Internet magazine ZionNet (www.zionnet.net)