Israel and Hindustan – past, present and future

At present we (both Hindustanis and Israelis) are in the situation where we have to fight for our very existence on this earth. The only way for our survival is to stand together and work together, and nothing else.

Bnei Menashe 311 (photo credit: Gil Cohen Magen/Reuters)
Bnei Menashe 311
(photo credit: Gil Cohen Magen/Reuters)
Why are Hindustanis (I reject the term “Indians”: “India” is a foreign term) and Israelis so far apart emotionally? Why is my nation not supporting Israel? I ask these questions whenever I read the statements of Iran against Israel. At least Hindus should be supporting Israel. Yes, there are Hindus who support Israel, but not many.
Before exploring the reason for this, though, I would like to share how I came to know about Israel and the Jews in the first place.
I first heard the words “Israel” and “Jews” when I began to go to a convent. When I grew up a bit, I read about Islamic terrorist attacks on Israel in newspapers. I began to watch coverage of such incidents on TV.
Then I read about the infamous Holocaust in 10th grade. In all those years, I’d never imagined that my nation, Hindustan (India), and Israel had a relationship older than 2,500 years, which was still ongoing.
I got the true picture when I read a detailed article in a local magazine. That article was about a group of Jews who were called as “Bnei Menashe.” I was really astonished. I didn’t know Jews had been living with us for more than 2,000 years. I realized under what circumstances Jews had entered my nation, and was very happy and proud of my ancestors when I read that they treated the Bnei Menashe as their own family members.
Today, too, Hindus and Jews live happily together in my nation. In addition, awareness is being spread slowly among the Hindus about the need to support Israel and the Jews.
One thing I want to make clear to everyone is that the relationship between Israel and Hindustan has not been based on the mutual benefits derived from business, defense, science or any other field. Rather, those benefits are the results of this everlasting relationship. Now the most important thing which we – people of Israel and Hindustan – have to do is to strengthen that relationship even more.
The main obstacle to this is the current Hindustani government, led by the UPA (Congress Party), not showing any support for Israel and the Jews. That’s really unfortunate.
However, Hindustanis, especially the Hindus, have gradually begun to support Israel and her children. They also know why they have to support Israel. Israelis must not think Hindustanis are not with Israel because of the moves made by the current Hindustani government.
The sole reason for the current Hindustani government’s anti-Israeli moves is the votes of Hindustani Muslims and the influence of the communists. It’s not a secret that Muslims all over the world hate Israel. Hindustani Muslims are no exception, and the Congress Party has always been depended on the votes of Muslims.
Another important factor is the role of media (newspaper and news channels) in Hindustan. Newspaper publications like The Times of India (TOI), The Hindu, Deccan Herald and the news channels like NDTV, Aaj Tak, Zee News, CNN and Star News often broadcast news against Israel. Most of the reporters and editors have a communist background. The communists in Hindustan support any Muslim nation, but not Israel.
All these elements have been misleading Hindustanis, especially Hindus, for decades.
It may seem like all is lost, but there are some organizations which are trying hard to bring the Hindustanis closer to Israelis.
These organizations were founded to protect Hindus against the atrocities of Muslims during the partition of Hindustan and Pakistan.
RSS (Rastriya Swayamseva Sangha) and VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishat) are two such organizations.
The present situation clearly demands a focus on strengthening the relationship between the Israelis and Hindustanis. So how should Hindustan and Israel achieve this? These two nations have a considerable business relationship with each other in various fields, however this kind of relationship can hardly bring the people of any two nations close to each other.
The best way to strengthen the relationship is to exchange language, culture, food and the other things which really represent a nation. This process will definitely bring the people of Israel and Hindustan closer, and the relationship between our nations will be strengthened.
Once the relationship is strengthened, both Israel and Hindustan will stand for each other no matter what. I would like to mention a thing which both Israelis and Hindustanis must consider seriously. At present we (both Hindustanis and Israelis) are in the situation where we have to fight for our very existence on this earth. The only way for our survival is to stand together and work together, and nothing else.
Hindu-Yehudi bhai bhai!!! (Hindus and Jews are brothers!).
The writer is a professional artist from Mumbai, Hindustan (India), and an amateur blogger.