My grandmother is voting for Anthony Weiner

"Nothing that happens in New York is ever just about New York; it’s always about Israel."

Anthony Weiner 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Anthony Weiner 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
My grandmother is voting for Anthony Weiner. She calls all the criticism he has received lately a bunch of hypocritical “noise.”
“Where is the blood?” she asks.
She will remind you that he is not the one responsible for abandoning our embassy in Benghazi; if he had a hand in that he would not be getting her vote.
She will also tell you that texting women is far from engaging in sexual behavior under the desk in the Oval Office.
Then as usual, she hits me with the Big H–the Holocaust.
“This is not about New York. This is about Israel,” she says.
Anthony Weiner, answering questions outside of the New School in Manhattan stated, “Israel is a democracy in an oasis of terrorist states and terrorist organizations.”
He needn’t say another word to garner Grandma’s vote.
Anthony Weiner’s most formidable opponent in the mayoral race, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, recently told a group at the Orthodox Union forum that she considered the West Bank to be “disputed territory.” In a statement she said the Israelis and Palestinians must sit down and negotiate a solution.
Grandma prefers Anthony Weiner’s opinion and his past record.
In 2006, he accused the New York Times of an anti-Israel bias. In the same year he (along with my Grandmother) applauded the passage of the House bill that cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority. Mr.
Weiner also introduced an amendment which would outlaw the Palestinian UN mission on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
In a debate with New York Times’ Roger Cohen, Anthony Weiner stated that there “was no occupation in the West Bank.”
“No occupation in the West Bank, did I hear you right?” Roger Cohen said in disbelief.
“Yes,” Anthony Weiner replied.
“The West Bank belongs to Israel,” Grandma always said. Evidently, Anthony Weiner agrees.
My grandmother says this election is not about New York, that it’s about Israel. She says it’s not about sipping $6 cups of coffee in a fancy cafe with my bratty friends looking down on a man who has no blood on his hands. She even supposes my friends are texting while I’m talking to them as we are sitting in the fancy café, sipping our $6 cups of coffee – and she’s right.
My grandmother had an imaginary love affair with mayor Ed Koch, he could do nothing wrong.
She admired his hawkishness when it came to anything Israel. Needless to say, she voted for him all three times.
She also adored Mayor Giuliani, insisting his name was shortened at Ellis Island from Gulianini, making him a Jewish Italian.
She is upset with Mayor Bloomberg however, because she didn’t see him wearing a yarmulke at mayor Koch’s funeral.
“How does that look?” she said.
Yet when the subject turns to Israel, Bloomberg doesn’t need a yarmulke to make his stance loud and clear–pro-Israel at all costs.
“We have Israel and we have New York. That’s all we have,” my Grandmother says.
Nothing that happens in New York is ever just about New York; it’s always about Israel.
So there you have it, my grandmother is voting for Anthony Weiner for Mayor of New York City.
The writer is a retired New York State Trooper. She has written for Arutz Sheva, The Conservative Voice and Her novel, Henry's Law, is available from your favorite online bookseller.