September 25: Mobster MKs?

September 25 Mobster MK

Mobster MKs? Sir, - Criminal elements pose a great danger in many of our cities. What will happen when, via threat, violence or bribery, they cause their candidates to be elected? Much as the eldorado of electoral reform is to be desired, even the present system with its hacks and sometimes corrupt Knesset representatives is better than mob representation. Mobsters run their businesses from inside Israeli jails. Has not the time come to reverse the altruistic law requiring the extradition of convicted Israeli criminals to Israel? They would find it harder to run their business from foreign jails. Police should be allowed, even encouraged, to spot-check youths they suspect of carrying knives. Those caught with knives should be fined heavily. If they are unable to pay, their parents should be made to come up with the money. A good way of discouraging the carrying of knives would be a ban on the offender holding a driver's license for a number of years ("Alleged mobster sentenced to jail," September 22). MICHAEL ALGE Kiryat Tivon Trial by fire Sir, - Thanks to Tovah Lazaroff, Yaakov Lappin and Ariel Jerozolimski for bringing the story about Gilad Farm to the front pages of the Post ("Miracle at Gilad Farm as lives spared from arsonist blaze," September 22). Mentioned in the article was Hilla Cohen, my daughter's sister-in-law. Although greatly traumatized by the total loss of her home, Hilla gratefully is safe with her husband and infant son. Friends and surrounding communities are showing support by providing basic necessities for the affected families. It should be understood by the arsonists that such provocative actions as were demonstrated on Rosh Hashana will only strengthen the ties and commitment people like the Cohens have to the land. CHAYA HEUMAN Ginot Shomron Watering holes, Sir, - I was happy to see a prominent article by Aryeh Dean Cohen about our magnificent Israel Trail ("A site to remember," September 22). About six months ago, my husband was told to "take a hike" from his hi-tech job. We took that directive literally, and started our adventure hiking the Israel Trail in segments. As of today, we've hiked from the Golan Heights to the Carmel mountains. It was Shay Cole's website that originally showed us that there was such a trail. However, to date, neither it nor Jacob Saar's guide in English has the information hikers really need - for example, where you can refill your water bottles. I am writing an ongoing account of our hike ( making sure to note every place where water is available. When we finish the trail, I hope this will help to provide data for that guide that is yet to be written. DIANA BARSHAW Haifa The writer is author of Wild Israel, a monthly column about Israeli wildlife in The Jerusalem Post Magazine. Loved it Sir, - I loved Amir Mizroch's "Why everyone is saying no to Obama. A weak economy has the US president unable to accomplish his goals" (September 22). l loved the language and straightforwardness. SAMI ALRABAA Germany