September 28: Expect to pay

Their argument will be that since this war with ISIS will help protect Israel – even though Israel never requested help – Israel will have to pay.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Expect to pay
Sir, – I am happy that the US and Arab states have decided to do something about the Islamic State threat, but I fear that this particular bit of military action is going to come at a very high price for Israel.
Just as occurred with the US after the first gulf war, I fear that US President Barack Obama and his Arab and European Union coalition are going to demand that Israel make dangerous concessions and compromises to the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, Hamas and possibly even Hezbollah as the price for attacks on ISIS. I thus recommend that the Israeli government prepare early because Obama and his partners will almost certainly launch a “peace offensive” to pressure Israel.
It does not even matter that Obama and his coalition made their war on Islamic State for their own self-defense and that it had nothing to do with Israel. They almost surely will demand that Israel pay the diplomatic price.
Their argument will be that since this war with ISIS will help protect Israel – even though Israel never requested help – Israel will have to pay.
I hope I am wrong, but the hostility of the Obama administration toward Israel, the EU’s strong antagonism toward Israel and the outright hatred of the Arab coalition partners toward Israel lead me to expect a difficult diplomatic struggle for us when the fighting with ISIS is completed.
Kiryat Arba
Just agorot more
Sir, – Regarding “High Court voids state migrant policy for a second time” (September 23), a simple solution for the problem of migrants could be signs in front of restaurants and other establishment saying “We employ only legal workers.”
During the period of suicide bombers, most of these businesses employed security personnel who were largely paid through an additional charge to customers. Such a system could be reintroduced in order to offer more attractive wages to legal workers. This system would also lower unemployment among young Israelis, including those in the Arab sector.
I am certain that most concerned Israelis would “vote with their feet” if offered the option of frequenting establishments that do not encourage the influx of illegals.
Ramat Gan
Sure of ourselves
Sir, – Regarding “‘Syrian war is not our conflict, but we are preparing regardless” (September 22), in which an unnamed “senior IDF officer” says the IDF can be mobilized “within minutes,” me thinks we doth protest too much.
How many times must we hear from the prime minister that Hamas took a huge hit and we were successful in Gaza? Makes one wonder if that is the case. Even so, our success was largely due to the fact that Hamas had not yet acquired (God forbid) surface-to-air weaponry. That was our almost-lethal surprise in 1973.
It is only a matter of time till that armament arrives in Gaza. We had better clean up the situation there before this happens.
Reality lesson
Sir, – With regard to “Culinary calamities of the rich and famous” (Arts & Entertainment, September 22), wouldn’t it be nice if instead of being paid to appear on a cooking show, the celebrities volunteered their time and donated their profits to a worthy charity of their choice? That would be a reality lesson these celebrities could bring to viewers!
Ginot Shomron
Getting involved
Sir, – I read “British MPs to vote on motion calling for Palestinian state” (September 21). May I suggest that the Knesset vote on a similar topic calling for a Welsh state.