September 29, 2014: Unneeded adjective

Readers react to the latest Jerusalem Post articles.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Unneeded adjective
Sir, – I was totally dismayed by the odious headline that appeared at the top of the front page of The Jerusalem Post on September 24: “SWAT team kills suspected murderers of three teens.”
The gratuitous injection of the adjective “suspected” places an immediate, appalling question mark concerning the legitimacy of the activity by introducing an unfortunate, ever so slight implication of uncertainty. In fact, the massive intelligence gathered by the Shin Bet, the IDF and the country’s counter-terrorism unit during the three months of intensive searches for these terrorist abominations provided the certainty that eliminated any and all doubt.
Only the unequivocal assertion by IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, who expressed hope that the families of the victims got some little relief “in the knowledge that we got to the murderers of their sons,” was appropriate to the circumstances, and the only one that could provide these very deserving people with the ability to state that “an evil circle has closed.”
Petah Tikva
Failing to appreciate
Sir, – With regard to “National religious leader Lau calls for tolerance and unity for Israel in 5775” (September 24), Rabbi Benny Lau lauds the solidarity we had from the time of the kidnapping of the three Jewish teenagers until the end of the recent Gaza conflict.
“We must be very careful not to allow the politicians to destroy this,” he says.
He also deplores the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir and is paraphrased as saying this deed, along with other racist violence, caused great harm to the state.
Rabbi Lau doesn’t seem to appreciate the very deviant behavior of the Jews who murdered Abu Khdeir and refers to the killing as a “regular” murder.
Yet this specific vile act indicates a small cancerous growth that must be excised from the Jewish collective. It was not a racist act but a nationalistic act.
It is not the politicians who might “destroy this” but the religious, educational and moral leadership. It is these people who influenced the vile action, and they must correct it as soon as possible.
Hatzor Haglilit
Out of bounds?
Sir, – You ran an interesting interview with our prime minister (“‘Who turned out to be right?’” Diplomacy, September 24), but obviously there was an understanding that certain topics would not be raised, and this should have been disclosed.
For example, I assume most of your readers would have liked to read an answer to the following question: Why is it necessary to continue to taunt the US time and time again, such as with the timing of government announcements regarding new housing in the settlements?
Pack of hyenas
Sir, – In “A prayer for 5775” (Column One, September 24), Caroline B. Glick urges Jewish organizations to be more action-oriented. The failure of so many organizations to really lead in the formation of public opinion is more and more apparent as various interests threaten the American Jewish community.
That community is not indifferent to the cultural war that threatens it. There was a demonstration in New York against the Metropolitan Opera’s staging of Klinghoffer and the attempt to portray the terrorist as justifying the murder as being for a righteous cause. We are in a terrible era of moral depravity when intellectuals can justify terrorism as being necessary to assuage their grievances.
It is very late in this era to be standing up for moral courage and strength, but for an opera company to depict a murder as justified is absolutely wrong in every way. The United States is sick, sick, sick in accepting such rubbish as being intellectually wonderful.
Art does not mean that there should be no values at all. The artist is not the creator of black chaos. The world is too much in need of higher moral standards. It should not be led by a pack of hyenas.
Where’s the justice?
Sir, – The Post printed an extensive piece by US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro (“Solidarity, hope and the task ahead,” Observations, September 24). In it he deals with the vicissitudes of the New Year, expectations therefrom, some biblical references and mainly the relations between the US and Israel, which, if one might glean from him, are “apple pie” and “wine and roses.”
Strikingly, what is missing from Shapiro’s epistle is the issue of Israeli patriot Jonathan Pollard.
As is well-known, Pollard was given a life sentence for passing information to a friendly nation, Israel, where normally such an offense would incur a penalty of only four to six years. This sentence was totally disproportionate to the offense committed and is in violation of several US Supreme Court decisions. Moreover, this cruel and unusual punishment is in violation of the 8th Amendment to the US Constitution.
Despite all this, there have been endless humanitarian appeals to President Barack Obama to pardon Pollard, who is in failing health. It seems that Obama couldn’t care less, perhaps indicating an anti-Semitic bias.
One can reasonably conclude that Shapiro’s piece is fraught with hypocrisy while Pollard suffers, particularly at this time of Rosh Hashana. Where does justice lie with the ambassador?
Sir, – Although it was shocking to see a member of the government hold a news conference on Shabbat (“Gal-On backs religious MKs who blasted Lapid for his Saturday press conference,” September 22), I am surprised that Finance Minister Yair Lapid did not hold it instead on Yom Kippur! Mr. Lapid, a little bit of self-respect and less disregard for the feelings of the people of your country would really be in order.
JUDY ABIR Jerusalem
Hostile entity
Sir, – With regard to “UN brokers deal to allow building materials into Gaza” (September 17), media outlets have been trumpeting a “breakthrough” wherein the UN in Gaza has graciously agreed to oversee cement imports to make sure the material does not wind up in the possession of a hostile entity.
It would be instructive for the media to remind the public that 87 percent of the personnel who work for the largest UN body in Gaza – the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the main recipient of cement imports – are formally affiliated with Hamas, as evidenced from the most recent elections to the UNRWA teachers association and the UNRWA workers guild.
If that is not a sign of a hostile entity, what is?
The writer is director of Israel Resource News Agency and long has been waging an effort to educate people about UNRWA.
Treasured reviews
Sir, – I wonder how many readers of The Jerusalem Post appreciate the treasure we have in the theater reviews of Helen Kaye, which appear regularly in your Arts & Entertainment section. She continues to write excellent articles of each new stage production clearly and delightfully, encouraging all of us to come to the show.
Helen, may we continue to enjoy your delightful reviews for many years to come!
Tel Mond
• The photo accompanying “Why did Arab Bank stand and fight while Iran ran?” (September 24) misidentifies the lawyer. It is Mark Werbner, and not as stated.
• In the review of Tartuffe at Beit Lessin in Tel Aviv (Arts & Entertainment, September 23), the name of the classic Moliere play’s translator was misspelled. It is Eli Bijaoui. The Post regrets the error.