The EU-PA/PLO strategy to destroy Israel

The European Union and the Palestinian Authority have developed a plan to destroy Israel.

PA PRESIDENT Mahmoud Abbas speaks with Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, earlier this year.  (photo credit: MOHAMAD TOROKMAN/REUTERS)
PA PRESIDENT Mahmoud Abbas speaks with Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, earlier this year.
The European Union and the Palestinian Authority have developed a plan to destroy Israel; it’s called, “European Joint Strategy in support of Palestine (EJS),” and the “Palestinian Authority National Policy Agenda (PANPA).”
According to the PANPA, their mission is to “reassert full Palestinian sovereignty over the whole of its territory on the 1967 borders; to end Israel’s illegal, methodical and continuing expropriation of Palestinian land, resources and water; to lift the protracted siege of Gaza while ensuring a geographical link with the West Bank; to cease and reverse Israel’s calculated attempts to dismember east Jerusalem from the rest of Palestine; and to dismantle the illegal separation wall that entraps tens of thousands of Palestinians.
“Mobilizing national and international support... will be accomplished through the following measures: Reassert sovereignty over the whole territory of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders including east Jerusalem; establish and develop east Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine; internationalize the conflict and mobilize international support for the Palestinian people’s inalienable rights, including the right to self-determination and right of return, and the release of prisoners; increase political, legal, economic and grassroots pressure to end the occupation; lift the siege of Gaza and establish a geographic link with the West Bank; prepare independence transition plans that chart the steps toward asserting full Palestinian authority over all of Palestine in all sectors of a sovereign state.”
By “east Jerusalem” they mean not only the Old City, but all areas which the Jordanian Legion captured in 1948, including the Temple Mount, Mount of Olives (the Jewish cemetery which was desecrated) and the City of David/Silwan. It includes all the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem which were built after the 1967 Six Day War (Ramot, Gilo, Pisgat and Givat Ze’ev, Har Homa, and Ma’aleh Adumim), the Jewish communities that were wiped out by the Jordanian Legion in 1947-48 (Neve Yaakov and the Etzion bloc, which were rebuilt after 1967), and the strategic Jordan Valley, which terrorists from around the world would use to enter “the West Bank” and attack Israel.
“Steadfast resistance to occupation must be actively pursued on political, economic, legal and financial fronts not  just by Palestinians, but by the world. This will be accomplished through the following measures: Utilize international tribunals and other mechanisms for opposing the occupation and apartheid against Palestine; urge other nations to uphold their obligations under international law with respect to ending the colonial Israeli occupation.... A just solution for Palestine’s refugees will be found in accordance with international law.”
The “right of return” (to Israel) for millions of Arab “refugees” living in UNRWA-sponsored “camps” in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan is a basic demand and the core of the Palestinian narrative (the “Nakba” catastrophe, Israel’s establishment). This would result in Israel’s destruction and it explains why the EU is the largest donor to UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority.
“THE PA National Policy Agenda 2017-2022 and the European Joint Strategy 2017-2020 [are] two interlinked planning processes. Since 2015, EU/MS (the MS includes Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden) and the Palestinian Authority have worked very closely on their respective and highly interlinked planning processes, i.e. the Palestinian National Policy Agenda (NPA) 2017-2022 and the European Joint Strategy 2017-2020.”
In addition to specific EU/PA projects, the EU funds over two dozen organizations (NGOs) dedicated to demonizing Israel; these NGOs also receive millions from individual European countries and private organizations, such as  Open Society and the New Israel Fund. In addition, the EU channels millions of Euros to anti-Israel NGOs in Europe, such as Daikonia, Finn Church Aid, etc., which also fund Palestinian NGOs.
The Money Trail, a report published by Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry, is an excellent analysis and can be seen at their website: NGO-Monitor has comprehensive data on EU funding and how the system works.
The EU, in violation of the Oslo Accords, also provides financial support for PA residents who move illegally into Area C, under Israeli control, and build homes illegally. The EU also funds illegal building by Bedouin in Israel and legal NGOs which defend them. 
The obvious and most important question is why the EU seeks to undermine a relatively stable situation in areas under PA/PLO control, and ignores terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip operated by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and others. Why does the EU think that another “land-for-peace” scheme will be any different than all previous failures?
Why does the EU ignore PA/PLO support for terrorism, and continue to support the PA’s “pay-for-slay” program that pays salaries to terrorists in prison and families of “martyrs” (terrorists)? Why does the EU support PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s corrupt regime? What does the EU think will happen after Abbas dies, or is replaced? And what will obligate any future Arab regime from discarding any agreements? What will prevent Hezbollah, jihadist and ISIS-type groups from engaging in a power struggle to control the state?
Understandably, since the EU was only concerned about Palestinian claims, it did not include the other area conquered by the IDF in 1967: the Golan Heights. Although not considered “occupied,” returning the area to Syrian rule would be sheer idiocy.
Finally, neither the EU nor the PA refer to history, since the connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is well documented in text and archeology. Although ignored, it is the most crucial aspect of understanding the conflict; it is, for Jews, the basis of national identity.
Here’s how the EU/UN/PLO plan works:
First, demonizing and isolating Israel diplomatically by the international community, and recognizing a Palestinian state.
Second, applying economic and military sanctions against Israel in order to force it to withdraw from “occupied Palestinian territory, OPT.”
Implementing this plan will not lead to peace – the “two-state solution” – it will be (for Israel) “the final solution.”