The Lounge March 3, 2020: ManpowerGroup

Last Wednesday, the Rimon School of Music held its annual gala event dedicated to the work of singer Yehoram Gaon, who turned 80 this past year.

YEHORAM GAON (left) and Udi Angel. (photo credit: ASSAF LEVY)
YEHORAM GAON (left) and Udi Angel.
(photo credit: ASSAF LEVY)
Jonas Prising, chairman and CEO of ManpowerGroup, the world’s largest employment agency, arrived in Israel last week from the company’s headquarters in Milwaukee, WI for a 24-hour lightning visit to the company’s Tel Aviv offices. Prising met with 60 of the group’s senior executives to congratulate them on their achievements this past year.
Amnon Radar, chair of ManpowerGroup Israel, and Stefano Scavo president of ManpowerGroup in southern Europe and leader of ‘Talent Solutions’ brand, took advantage of Prising’s visit to launch the new recruitment and management strategy with data-based solutions.
Rimon School of Music
Last Wednesday, the Rimon School of Music held its annual gala event dedicated to the work of singer Yehoram Gaon, who turned 80 this past year. The Rimon School is also celebrating a milestone anniversary – 35 years – during which it has turned into the leading school for music studies.
Family members and friends of Gaon, along with Rimon Friends, attended the evening, which took place at the Beit Lessin Theater. The artistic program included a number of his greatest hits; a song written for him by Idan Raichel, which Gaon dedicated to his granddaughter; duets with Rimon students; and a joint performance with businessman and philanthropist Udi Angel, Rimon chairman, who expressed his love of Hebrew poetry. All proceeds went to student scholarships. Attending the evening were: Naomi Polani, Israel Prize laureate; ‏‎Irina Shalmor, chair of the Friends Association, and her husband Rami Shalmor; Yehuda Adar, Rimon president and artistic director of the gala evening; Moshe Sinai, Rimon CEO; Ramat Hasharon Mayor Avi Grover; Eli Papouchado and his daughter Eliana.
Last week, HOT CEO Tal Granot Goldstein hosted the company’s annual content event. As it does every year, the HOT showcase, which invests heavily in Israeli creative arts, attracted many artists, local content professionals, producers and well-known actors. Attending were: Sharon Harel, Haim Slutzky and Dari Shay, Aryeh Saban, and Ayelet Zurer.
An event honoring Unilever’s outgoing CEO Anat Gabriel was held at Tel Aviv’s Hederprati. Gabriel will soon begin her new position as Global Vice President at Global Unilever, the third largest company in the global food market. Incoming Unilever Israel CEO, Cem Tarik Yuksel, also received best wishes for a smooth transition. Among those attending were: Michael Strauss, Shalom Zeidler, and Rami Levy.
Bayit Ligdol Tov
During the Family Week event, the Petah Tikva Municipality, in cooperation with Tnuva, marked the third anniversary of the Bayit Ligdol Tov venture. The anniversary of the venture was marked with a gathering in the city’s Yoseftal neighborhood community center, which offers classes and enrichment activities for preschool children and their parents, free of charge or at a nominal cost. During the evening, Petah Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg; Tnuva Chair Haim Gavrieli; Tnuva CEO Eyal Melis; and Guy Eliyahu, director of the city’s community centers network, dedicated story time for children with the book Giraffe Bedtime by David Grossman.
Translated by Hannah Hochner.