What do the Iron Dome and Christian support for Israel have in common?

The Jerusalem Post Podcast, with Yaakov Katz and Lahav Harkov

Iron Dome

Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief Yaakov Katz and Diplomatic Correspondent Lahav Harkov sit down this week for a Sukkot edition of The Jerusalem Post Podcast.

While Israelis and Jews across the world are celebrating the Sukkot holiday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is preparing for his first-ever appearance in front of the UN General Assembly.

Join Katz and Harkov this week as they discuss what they believe will be included in the prime minister's address. Will he talk about Hamas, Iran or the push to block replenishment of the Iron Dome System by the US Congress? How will Bennett's performance compare to Netanyahu's?

Katz and Harkov also evaluate the decision not to fund the Iron Dome.

Is this just a technical blip, as Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has said, or something far more severe for the defense of the Jewish State?

They discuss the support (or lack of support) that the US is giving Israel and the consequences of some anti-Israel views being shared in the House and the Senate by some senior politicians.

Later in the episode, Katz and Harkov sit down with Israeli-American evangelical author Joel Rosenberg, who released a new book detailing the Abraham Accords and the changes in the Middle East. They discuss the state evangelical Christian support for Israel, asking whether it has wavered with the passing of the baton from Benjamin Netanyahu to Bennett.

Rosenberg was first interviewed by The Jerusalem Post last month >>

Discover all of this and more in this week's episode of The Jerusalem Post Podcast.

In this episode:> Celebrate Sukkot in Israel> A look at what could happen during Bennett's upcoming address at the United Nations> An evaluation of whether US support for Israel is wavering> A talk with a prominent Evangelical leader