Legal scholar Noah Feldman on US Christian nationalism and the Jewish future of church and state

Noah Feldman addressed the Lousiana case pushing to see the 10 commandments in classrooms, the diverse beliefs and attitudes of contemporary Jews when it comes to God, Israel and peoplehood.


Hundreds of residents from Israel's North plead not be be evacuated from Jerusalem hotel

"This coming Sunday, we are all supposed to leave the Yehuda Hotel, and we have nowhere to go," Nassimi explained. 

Jewish parents join lawsuit challenging Louisiana law requiring Ten Commandments in schools

The lawsuit has longstanding precedent on its side: In 1980, the US Supreme Court ruled that a Kentucky state law mandating the Ten Commandments in all classrooms was unconstitutional.


Churches in Jerusalem oppose municipal tax decision

The leaders expressed concern over the municipality's move, which they argued contradicted centuries of historical agreements between the churches and civil authorities.

'Lebanon doesn't want war': Online campaign targets Hezbollah

Hashtags and social media campaigns led by Lebanese media personalities attempt to restrain Hezbollah from what they deem ‘destruction of the state.'


Pope Francis considering making trip to Israel

The Pope shared that he is considering visiting Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Jordan for the second time.

 People take part in a celebration on the traditional Ivana Kupala (Ivan the Bather) holiday in Kiev

What is Ivan Kupala? Customs, traditions, beliefs

The holiday, which typically occurs the night between July 6 and 7, comes from pre-Christian pagan traditions in the region. But what does one do on this holiday? That is what we’re here to explain!

Commemorating ‘Sayfo’: The untold genocide of the Aramean Christians

“In my view, we must cultivate and strengthen our community’s sense of collective identity not to seclude ourselves, but to fit in and take part in our societies,” says Khalloul, Aramean activist.


Christian leader dedicates award to memory of slain Israeli soldier

The award was presented to Stearns by CEO of Friends of Zion Museum, Daniel Voiczek, in recognition of his ceaseless efforts to strengthen understanding and amity between Israel and the Christians.

Pay-to-slay: Lebanese Christians question gov't's decision to pay Hezbollah fighters' families

According to the Saudi news channel Al-Hadath, the Lebanese government decided to grant financial aid of $20,000 for each heir of a Hezbollah casualty.

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