Peres: Capture of ship shows Syria and Iran's true intentions

Peres Capture of ship s

"The capture of the Iranian weapons' ship is an important achievement to the IDF and the State of Israel," President Shimon Peres said Wednesday, following the capture of the Francop, a vessel carrying more than 100 tons of weaponry, including Katyusha rockets and anti-tank missiles. "The ship, probably hailing from Iran, was destined to reach Syria and Hizbullah. All sides involved deny [any connection] but the world is aware of the gap between what Syria and Iran say and how they actually act," Peres added. Speaking during a visit to one of the locations where the Juniper Cobra exercise was being held, a joint drill of the US and Israeli armies, Peres said, "I am thrilled by the professional cooperation between the two militaries. I saw the most serious and professional forces working in exceptional collaboration. The best professional minds are protecting the skies, and the citizens of Israel should know they're in the best possible hands." Peres warmly thanked the US generals who participated in the drill, watched defense simulation and also 'intercepted' several mock-Grad- and Scud-type missiles himself, using Israel's recently developed Iron Dome system.
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