Meretz chief: PM uses 'Iran threat' for political ends

Meretz chief Zehava Gal-On criticized Sunday Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's comments on newly-elected Iranian President Hassan Rohani, accusing him of using the "Iranian threat" as a way to distract the Israeli public from real domestic problems.  
Netanyahu said in Sunday's cabinet meeting that he was unimpressed by new Iranian President Hassan Rohani's 'moderate" credentials, saying that he too calls Israel the "Great Zionist Satan.""Netanyahu is not allowing reality to mix up and frustrate his plans to attack Iran," Gal-On said. 
"The Iranian threat is used as a flag by Netanyahu, to wave any time that he wants to distract the Israeli public from real problems that exist in Israel. The election of the moderate Rohani is a blow to the extremists in Tehran but it is also a blow to the extremist leadership in Israel, who will find it difficult to convince the world to attack Iran and will be forced to use diplomatic means, to which it is not accustomed, to end conflicts," the Meretz leader said.
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