Is Madonna thinking of moving to Tel Aviv?

According to Channel 10 gossip show, pop singer seen with pamphlet for exclusive apartment project on Rothschild Boulevard.

Madonna with gun 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Madonna with gun 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Could the world’s most famous female pop star be planning to take up residence in the heart of Tel Aviv? Fan pages and gossip sites are abuzz this week after Channel 10 reported that Madonna was seen in New York carrying a marketing brochure for a luxury apartment on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard.
According to Channel 10’s celebrity gossip show Erev Tov Im Guy Pines, an Israeli Facebook page devoted to Madonna fans zoomed in on a recent photograph of the Material Girl leaving a Kabbalah center in New York while carrying a folder with the insignia for the Meier on Rothschild tower.
The real estate project, which is currently under construction just near the busy corner of Rothschild Street and Allenby Street, offers apartments and penthouses that range in price from $1.4 million to $47m.
Madonna has long been known to have an affinity for Israel. Last year, she performed at Ramat Gan Stadium in the first show of her MDNA world tour. She is also an avid student of Jewish mysticism.

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