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December 20, 2016: Despicable act
"If the leftwing advocacy group doesn’t like President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of David Friedman as ambassador to Israel then we know we’re getting the right man."
Despicable act

As a Jordanian citizen, I am appalled at the senseless and despicable act of terrorism that targeted the southern city of Karak, “At least nine killed by terrorists in Jordanian Crusader castle,” December 19.

This is another unequivocal message of the treacherous times we are living in and how our communities have become vulnerable to the trans-boundary scourge of terrorism.

It is poignant that the attack occurred in a historic castle full of tourists. Terrorists once again displayed callous disregard for human life, dignity, decency and civilization.

Jordan is fighting a legitimate war. It needs all the support and solidarity from the global community to preempt the threat of terrorism and remain a stronghold of peace, hope and moderation in a turbulent region.


2-sided plane

Regarding December 18’s business feature “El Al looks to new planes to reassert dominance,” I have been a customer of El Al since 1958.

I do not consider the planes to be the problem, but the attitude of the policy makers in dealing with customers by the executive directors of the company.

One of their biggest mistakes was raising the membership fees for the King David Club.

Although we have been members of King David and Matmid for many many years, El Al raised the membership price so high that the airline has made this a non-viable proposition for many seeing that the majority of those who have had this membership for so long are now living on a pension. This factor and El Al’s more expensive fares are inviting strong competition from other airlines.

I have also found that El Al regularly moves the “goal posts” when applying for bonus tickets and receiving other discounts.

The attitude of El Al seems to be: “We are flying. If you want to you can fly with us.”

In business one has to be hungry for customers. Every customer is important.


Having to go to Paris at the beginning of this month, I checked prices for direct flights. It came out that El Al was only $30 more than easyJet, after the discount airline added on the charges for bags, seats and fees.

In El Al you are fed (I won’t discuss airplane food) and the difference becomes negligible. Then take into account the choice of flights and their times, the Hebrew-speaking crew and the well-known security: there wasn’t any reason not to go El Al.

As for the planes, on those routes, one usually flies in a Boeing 737.

Those I had were very new. Maybe I’m lucky but both flights were exactly on time.

So, El Al, keep up the good work!


Clear equation

Following the fuss over the Bezalel poster with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the noose (“A-G to probe Bezalel noose poster of Netanyahu,” December 15), I feel the whole issue of criticism should be explained so there are no future misunderstandings.

It goes as follows: Criticism of the Left = Incitement; Criticism of the Right = Free speech.

I hope that’s now clear.

Kfar Bialik

Right man

Regarding “J Street ‘vehemently opposed’ to Trump’s choice of envoy to Israel,” if the leftwing advocacy group doesn’t like President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of David Friedman as ambassador to Israel then we know we’re getting the right man.

Beit Shemesh

Shiva call

US Ambassador-designate David Friedman’s recollection of Donald Trump’s visit when he was sitting shiva for his father struck a very personal note for me, “Trump’s choice as Israel envoy: J’lem is the capital,” December 18.

His late father was Rabbi Morris Friedman, of blessed memory, the rabbi of the traditional synagogue in Lynbrook, New York, where my in-laws were long-time residents and members of the congregation.

Rabbi Friedman was warm, kind, and charismatic. He and his wonderful wife, Addie, reached out and befriended me even though I only came to Lynbrook for short family visits. I shall always remember their friendship and understanding.

As his reputation grew, Rabbi Friedman became the leader of a much larger synagogue, Temple Hillel of Woodmere, where he served with great distinction until his retirement.

When David was in Israel in October for the Jerusalem rally, he said to me that he only hopes he will live up to the standards set by his beloved father.

Let us all wish him much success in his new position, with our blessing that he will achieve his goal.


Too little too late

So, in his recent address to the United Nations Security Council, outgoing Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon admits that Israel has suffered bias from the international body, “In final UNSC speech, Ban recognizes Israel bias,” December 18.

Is the man trying to clear what should be a heavily burdened conscience?

Ban took office January 2007. During his tenure the bloated and corrupt UN has shown increasingly unbridled hypocrisy and injustice by hammering away at Israel for manufactured and imaginary faults in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Where has Ban been for the past decade? Any hope that he finally saw the light evaporated when he went on to admonish Israel for many things including settlements, a “humiliating” military “occupation” of Gaza, “preventing Palestinian development” and the “humanitarian” needs of the Palestinian people.

Nope, didn’t hear him express concern about why the allegedly needy Palestinians have not benefited from the billions of international aid dollars that have flowed like honey into the hands of their leaders.

Sure, Ban tossed Israel a bone and scolded the Palestinian authorities for their antisemitic charter and he did note that Hamas has a desire to “obliterate” Israel.

Well, a wee scolding won’t stop the acts of terrorism committed against the Israeli people or quench the insane desire to destroy that drives Hamas.

A hard and righteous fist of the leader of a world body that is supposed to reap justice might. Too little too late from Ban.

Hopefully, his replacement, former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Guterres, will arrive at his new job with the will and courage to stand up to the thugs in the UN hell-bent on denying Israel that justice.

Deloraine, Manitoba

Basic solution

Concerning the item in the December 13 issue of The Jerusalem Post, “Politicians blame one another for findings of poverty report,” there are some countries in the world where, in the interest of the health of the inhabitants, especially the children of the poor, sales taxes have been eliminated on food items, especially on basic food items.

Would this not be a relatively easy move on the part of the government, that is before wider ranging, more complex efforts to benefit the poor can be implemented?

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