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A server pours a glass of champagne at the 11th annual Jerusalem Wine Festival..(Photo by: COURTESY GOLAN HEIGHTS WINERY)
Magen David Adom gears up for New Year's
The first-aid and ambulance organization sent out precautions to the public ahead of the holiday.
Magen David Adom (MDA) teams are preparing to cope with New Year’s Eve accidents and incidents of violence, resulting from overconsumption of alcohol by teenagers and adults. Paramedics and medics, along with ambulances and other equipment, are being readied.

The first-aid and ambulance organization reminds the public to take precautions to ensure their safety:

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, which can cause confusion, loss of memory, poor judgment and coordination, and tiredness. Alcohol poisoning can cause a person to fall into a fatal coma. MDA also warned that drinking and driving could also be deadly. Parents must remind their parents that consuming alcohol under the age of 18 is forbidden.
Last New Year’s Eve, MDA teams treated 83 teens and adults for the effects of excessive drinking, the organization said. Before going to a New Year’s party, appoint a designated driver making sure that whoever is behind the wheel does not drink. If the designated driver drinks, leave the car parked and go home by public transport or taxi, MDA advised.

Those who have gotten drunk must be moved from dangerous places such as a road, a balcony, electric machines and vehicles. If the victim is unconscious or not breathing, immediately start resuscitation procedures and alert MDA by calling 101. If the victim vomits, tilt him on his side. The victim should not be allowed to drink coffee or any other liquid because he may inhale it into his lungs and choke.

Do not leave drinks unattended at parties as someone could spike ones drink with dangerous drugs like tranquilizers or ketamine.
MDA also advised party-goers to avoid going into crowded places; when more people than the official limit is exceeded, there could be pushing or a stampede that may lead to injury.

It added that the day after New Year’s Eve celebrations, one must get enough sleep before driving.

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