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A woman holds a photo of Palestinian guerrilla Dalal al-Mughrabi as a convoy carrying her body passes by on Beiruts airport road July 17, 2008. The body of Mughrabi, who was killed while leading a 1978 raid into Israel, was handed over by Israel as part of a prisoner swap with Hezbollah..(Photo by: SHARIF KARIM / REUTERS)
PA Education Ministry honors notorious female terrorist
Dalal Mugrhabi carried out the the Coastal Road Massacre of March 11, 1978 in which 37 Israelis were killed including 12 children.
The Palestinian Authority has once again glorified terrorist Dalal Mugrhabi, the woman who carried out the the Coastal Road Massacre of March 11, 1978 in which 37 Israelis were killed.

Among those murdered were 12 children, while 71 others were injured.

Palestinian Media Watch revealed on Thursday that on the anniversary of the massacre, PA officials glorified Mugrhabi by naming a sporting event for girls after her in which officials from the Education Ministry participated and encouraged the girls taking part in the event to "continue on the path [of martyrdom]."

The teenagers also wore red shirts sporting Mugrhabi's face on it.

Among those ministry officials who attended the festival honoring the terrorist were PA officials including Bassem Erekat, director of the district's Education Directorate, a branch of the PA Ministry of Education, and Ribhi Dawla, mayor of Beitunia, where the festival was held.

Palestinian Media Watch reported that the District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh, Dr. Laila Ghannam spoke at the event, stating that Palestinian children "are determined to continue on the path [to martyrdom]."

"She also praised Palestinian women for having 'brought children into the world, fought, and built glory that will not be erased' - indicating that murderer Mughrabi had created lasting 'glory' with her attack killing 37," PMW added.

In 2016, Palestinian Media Watch also revealed that a basketball game for high school girls was named after Mughrabi. A square named for her in the Ramallah district is also reportedly in the process of being built, and Mugrhabi's sister is in the process of trying to get in inaugurated by Fatah.

Speaking on the matter PMW senior analyst Nan Jacques Zilberdik was saddened by the PA's actions.
“This is just one more example of how far the PA is prepared to go to indoctrinate and abuse their own children," she said. "The PA has turned Dalal Mughrabi, the most notorious female Palestinian terrorist in their history, into a celebrated hero and role model, with schools, summer camps, and sports tournaments  named after her."

Jacques Zilberdik questioned that "when teenage girls parade at a sporting event named after a murderer wearing shirts showing the face of the murderer – who was only a little older than they are when she killed 37 Israelis – what conclusion will these girls be able to reach other than to aspire to be like her?"

 "Rather than participating in dialogue and peace-building initiatives that teach mutual respect and understanding, Palestinian kids are taught to hate and kill, and ultimately, to follow Dalal Mughrabi’s 'path' and die as 'Martyrs.'  When the PA chooses to glorify terrorist murderers in this way, what hope is there for peace."
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