Let there be light

Our main goal was, and still is, mainly not to make money - but to help people.

A glowing sucess: Youth of Light   (photo credit: TAL FLINT)
A glowing sucess: Youth of Light
(photo credit: TAL FLINT)
The Youth of Light Project is a “social business” that helps teens in Israel who have lost their way. It is a glowing success.
As a psychology student in Tel Aviv University, 24-year-old Ran Oren took part in a mentoring program called “Perah.” He was assigned to help Sagi, a 12-year-old boy who was having trouble in school and came from a difficult home. After their year of working together, they lost touch until two years later in the summer of 1999. Out of the blue, Ran got a phone call from Sagi, who told him that after being in a succession of foster homes and amassing a police record along the way, he was homeless.
Ran met him in Tel Aviv, and after talking to Sagi’s mother and then his parents, invited Sagi to live with his family and also offered him a job in their retail business. Sagi then introduced Ran to his world, where he met street kids who had been lost in the country’s social service system and given up on. He was shocked and sickened by what he saw: young teens sleeping on the floors of abandoned buildings, roaming the streets, panhandling for change or for cigarettes and raiding the garbage of the nearby McDonalds. They were high on drugs and alcohol and their future was grim. Ran decided he had to do something but wasn’t sure what or if it was even possible. After lots of thinking, he came to the conclusion that the best way to help was to get these kids working, having seen the profound effect Sagi’s job had had on him in a relatively short time.

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