Blaux Portable AC Reviews: New Air Cooling Technology Introduced

 (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
Blaux Portable AC has been breaking the internet with its capacity to perform a variety of functions at an amazingly low price.

The product has been delivering some real value on money by fighting the heat of the summer season efficiently, while also purifying the air and humidifying its surroundings upon use

Customers are startled at how such a compact air-cooling machine is endowing them with nonstop drafts of cold air for up to 8 hours on just a single charge. Some are appreciating its sturdy design, and light weight while others are admiring its prolonged cordless operation and mood lighting as the major factors that prompted them into preferring Blaux Portable AC over its adversaries in the market.

Blaux Portable AC has also been recommended by reviewers due to the extra savings that it promotes for its users. The use of titanium thermal plates in the structure of Blaux Portable AC make it a very energy efficient air-cooler which can cool a small room in under six minutes. This makes it a very effective remedy for saving money from going into the bottomless pit of electrical companies, allowing users a lot of freedom to enjoy cold air over extended periods in a day.

To satisfy the curiosity of all readers and interested buyers about Blaux Portable AC, here is a detailed overview on the different features of this portable air-cooling machine, the most anticipated benefits of using it and some frequently asked questions about the device.

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Why choose Blaux Portable AC?

With summers fast approaching their peak, a low cost and permanent plan of action to beat the heat is a much-needed solution. Blaux Portable AC is a unique formulation of features and components that deliver fast cooling results in just thirty seconds of powering up. These portable air conditioners are intended to be used indoors for small spaces for a refreshing experience of cold air in the draining heat of summers.

There are several features drilled into the design of Blaux Portable AC that are enticing a lot of interest in the competitive market of personal air coolers. Here is a quick review of some most prominent reasons that have earned the status of “World’s Most Powerful Portable AC” for Blaux Portable AC by its reviewers.

Efficient Functioning

Blaux Portable AC delivers quick cooling results within thirty seconds of being turned on. The batteries installed in the device operate for a straight 8 hours on being fully charged, which is a very promising number for such a compact machine. In addition, the titanium plates used in the design of these air conditioners also enhance their efficiency by manifolds by reducing energy consumption and producing stronger results.

Portable and light in weight

Blaux Portable AC is specifically designed to provide an enriching personal cooling experience. Therefore it was deliberately kept light in weight to support its easy transportation between different spots indoors. Without any water in its tank, the device only weighs up to 2 pounds, which is a barely felt weight for an average individual. For further convenience, Blaux also has a carry handle installed in it that eases its portability significantly.



Blaux portable AC has a type-C cable for charging and comes with a USB cable and charger port that allows its users to charge it anywhere and anytime.

The powerful battery fitted in Blaux Portable AC has been successful in eliminating the need of continual plugging in of the machine. By just charging the portable air conditioner fully users can enjoy uninterrupted cold air flow in any setting without paying any heed to the feasibility of power sockets.

Adjustable Functions

Blaux Portable AC is a very flexible electronic device. Not only is it multi-functional but it also allows its operators to choose their desired option from three adjustable speed choices.

Blaux can be adapted to work as an air conditioner, a humidifier, as well as a fan with just a few simple settings. The fan can be adjusted to work on three different speed settings according to the comfort level of its operators.

In-built lighting

Blaux Portable AC has a mood lighting feature that enhances night vision for individuals using it overnight in their bedrooms. You will not need any extra night light with Blaux by your side.

Quiet functioning

Unlike conventional fans that produce nasty loud noises during operation, Blaux Portable AC is a very quiet air cooler. This allows undisturbed work during the day and restful sleep at night.

Benefits of choosing Blaux Portable AC

  • Blaux Portable AC purifies the air from pollutants and allergens that may trigger respiratory issues and allergic reaction in some particularly sensitive people.
  • Allows long-term savings on electricity bills through its energy efficient function and cord-less operation
  • Portability and light weight of these air conditioners allow them to be used in multiple locations like kitchen, office table, nurseries, garage etc. for a comfortable time period.
  • Flexible uses allow it to be functional all year round. Humidifying mode is particularly helpful in dry weathers, fan mode in cool springs and air conditioner in scorching summers.
  • Very user friendly

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Health benefits

The heatwaves at various parts of the world get extremely tough to deal with, especially for those who are heat intolerant. These people are at more risks of getting heat strokes than the others. They get sweaty ten times more than a normal person, they might even get red itchy heat rash but things could get worse too, like low blood pressure or conditions like heat edema.

People with heat intolerance are unable to enjoy full time at a gathering outside, this is where Blaux Portable ACs could come in handy as they can be used at any spot where you feel the temperature too hot. You can carry Blaux Portable AC with you to road trip, camping, hiking, or even to a simple hangout if you find the need to.

Additional health benefit of Blaux portable AC comes from its filters which remove harmful microscopic particles from the air. These filtered particles may have the potential of harming the lungs and the respiratory system by causing gastrointestinal infections. Using Blaux is a safe option for those too who suffer from breathing issues. 

About the Manufacturer

Blaux LTD, the producer of Blaux portable AC, is trusted by consumers due to the level of quality involved in its production process. What is more, is that Blaux portable AC has special features that make it outstanding among the emerging compact and lightweight air coolers.


Blaux portable AC offers high performance at a fair price, given the fact that it is designed to serve three purposes. Case in point, one unit of a Blaux portable AC costs about $89.99.  But costs even less if purchased from their value packages and bundles. Currently Blaux is offering 50% Discount on all of its ACs and Fans; to avail the offer, visit its official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start Blaux Portable AC?

To start Blaux Portable AC, charge the battery with the USB cable that will come with the package. After this step, simply pour 300ml of water in its high capacity water tank, insert the replaceable water curtain and enjoy refreshing airflow in just 30 seconds.

Is assembly Blaux difficult?

Blaux Portable AC is very easy to assemble and can be put together by following the simple instructions in the user’s manual that comes with the package. No expert consultation is required.

What if I am not satisfied?

Blaux Portable AC guarantees satisfaction to their customers. However, if for any unforeseeable reason, any of its valuable customers is not satisfied with their experience, they are covered with the 30-day money refund guarantee by Blaux. The returns are easy and hassle free.

Where to order?

Blaux Portable AC can be ordered directly from their official website at discounted prices. As it is only available online to purchase, it can't be found in any local store. Beware from scam products. 


Blaux Portable AC is a unique combination of efficiency, value and performance. Designed to be a durable product, this small investment is identical for any household, indoor or even outdoor usage.
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