The Best Dog Food For Pitbull: Top Dog Foods For You To Try out!

Pitbulls are a strong and muscular breed of which many are unfortunately prone to allergies because they enjoy eating a lot! Therefore it is important to understand their needs and feed them properly

best dog food (photo credit: PR)
best dog food
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Pitbulls are one of the misunderstood dog breed. Most call them bully breeds that earned them a very bad reputation. But for Pitbull lovers, these breed of dogs deserved much love just like the other breed of dogs. Did you know that pitbulls where once used for bull and bear baiting in England some time ago? Sadly, they were also used for dog fighting. Good thing this practice was outlawed in England in 1835. Later on, dog lovers found out that if they are properly trained, these bully breeds can actually have a gentler temperament.
In fact, they can be a very good companion. You just have to know how to handle them, so you can manage them well.

What are the Interesting Breeds of Pitbulls?

If you want to take care of pitbulls, you have to know that there are many breeds of pitbull.  These include:
⦿ Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 
⦿ American Staffordshire Terrier, and 
⦿ American Pit Bull Terrier
Sometimes, other Bull Terrier breeds and bulldogs are also included in the list.   Even the mixed breed of bulldogs and bull terrier are oftentimes called pitbulls. Thus, with this all these confusions, identifying the best foods for pitbulls can be all the more challenging.

What is the Recommended Diet for Pitbulls?

Most pitbulls weigh around 30 pounds for smaller females while approximately 70 pounds for larger males. These dogs are active, strong and muscular. They look naturally sturdy but when you look at them closely, they are medium-sized dogs. Even if they seem to be strong and generally active, it still doesn’t spare them from allergies especially those dogs with pinkish skin and white coats. Certain food reactions have long been an issue for most dogs.  Pitbulls are prone to allergies because they enjoy eating a lot.
If you are not careful, you may end up giving them too much food than their basic requirement.  As a pitbull owner, it is very important that you observe how much you are giving to your pets.  Instead of leaving them behind, take note on how much they can consume on one sitting. Otherwise, they may end up overweight or they may also become obese.  Like humans, these things may cause problem as they grow older.

Why You Should Love Pitbulls?

⦿ Contrary what people believe in, these dogs are not really aggressive nor they like fighting with other dogs. Most pitbull owners agree that these dogs are generally playful, affectionate, enthusiastic and gentle. They can even make you smile even on your gloomy days!
⦿ Unlike other dogs, they spend a lot of energy as they grow particularly young adult pitbulls. So the best advice in feeding them is to give them formula diet that contains high quality protein. Typically, an average weight pitbull weighing around 30 to 70 pounds requires an average of 922 to 1740 daily caloric requirements.
⦿ While older dogs may require fewer calories but it actually depends on their level of activity and their metabolism.  So if you have growing puppies and younger breeds expect that they can consume more calories as compared with their older counterparts. On average, a young pitbull weighing 30 to 50 pounds may require an average of 993 to 1451 calories a day.

What are the Essential Nutrients does your Pitbull Needs?

⦿ When choosing a diet for your pitbull, it is very important to choose foods with high protein content. Ideally, younger puppies need roughly 22% of protein as they grow older while around 18% of protein is needed by adult pitbulls. If you are using high quality dog foods expect that you will have better percentage of proteins in the diet.
⦿ Aside from protein, fats are another important nutrients that pitbull needs for their optimum performance. On the average, it is best for them to have roughly 8% of fat in the puppy’s diet while around 5% for adults.
⦿ Believe it or not, pitbull has also tendency to have elbow and hip dysplasia and arthritis. Even if they are medium-sized dogs they are not exempted from these bone diseases.  Thus, it is a brilliant idea to feed your pitbull puppy foods that are designed for larger breed.
⦿ In this way, you will be able to secure a good proportion of calcium and phosphorus ration in the foods. As much as possible, keep the calories and protein a bit lower to encourage a slow growth. Studies have shown that it is better for breeds that are more prone to having joint and arthritis problems later in life.
⦿ If you are asking when to feed your puppy foods that has same proportion with adult food?  As long as they reach approximately 90% of their adult size, you can already give them the same formula as for their adult counterpart.

How to Feed your Pitbull?

⦿ This breed enjoys food a lot, so actually you won’t have difficulty in finding out the right food formula that they would really like. Unlike with other breeds, that you have to try lots of product, just to determine which one they like or not. But just remember, you may enjoy seeing them eat a lot so there’s a tendency to give those lots of food.
⦿ You don’t want to see your dog’s obese right? It’s not good for them. It will be very good if you determine the appropriate measurement for your dogs to avoid overeating. Once you give the food, if there are leftovers, let it for 30 minutes.
⦿ After 30 minutes, put it away.  In this way, you will train your dog to eat the food within that time period.  Half an hour is good enough allowance for them to eat. If you just leave it behind, the tendency of the dog, is consume all of it. 
If they eat a lot, they will gain more pounds.  Ideally, adult dogs eat twice a day while puppies eat at least three meals a day until they are at the right age to eat the adult kind of schedule.

Quick Look: Best Dog Food Brands for Pitbull

Just a quick look. Here are some of the highly recommended foods for pitbulls:

Orijen Adult Dog Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

⦿ The Orijen Adult Dog Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is a best-selling premium dog food online.  A lot of dog breeders prefer this brand because of its high quality ingredients. It is also delicious and tasty dog food that your Pitbull will surely love.

Taste of the Wild Wetlands Dry Dog Food

⦿ One of the premium dog food brands online, Taste of the Wild Wetlands Dry Dog Food, offers the best and high quality ingredients to help your dog achieve their optimum level of performance.  It is packed with vitamins and mineral and other essential nutrients to ensure your dogs overall health and well-being.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food

⦿ The Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food offers precise protein formula to ensure that adequate nutrients are given to meet your dogs daily energy needs. It uses premium and high quality ingredients with fewer amounts of unnecessary ingredients that causes allergic reactions to most dogs.  It is best for dogs with sensitive stomach and with allergic reactions.
#1 #2 #3
Orjen Adult Grain-Free 
Dry Dog Food
Adult Large Breed
Taste of the Wild
Wetlands Canin Formula
Dry Dog Food
Large Breed
Natural Balance
Allergy Formula 
Dry Dog Food
Large Breed