How To Start A Fashion Blog In 8 Easy Steps

So you think you have the style, sass and what it takes to become the Fashion's next queen or king of the blogosphere? Of course you do...Let's get started because you are in the right place!

How to start a fashion blog (photo credit: PR)
How to start a fashion blog
(photo credit: PR)
Do you love stying outfits together, do your friend's often ask you where you bought that dress, jacket or pretty much everything? Yes, we thought so, seeing as you are here finding out how to start a fashion blog! As Tom Ford said; "Dressing is a form of art" so if you think you have the style, passion, and creative writing skills, setting up a fashion blog to inspire other fashionista's all over the world with your own individual style, well then this could be the best decision you make this year. Enjoy expressing yourself with your readers and keep them up to date on everything on trend each season, as well as YOU. 
Fashion blogs are personal so be yourself, it is a reflection of not only of your style, but of yourself. Start styling your looks together today, whether your dressing in designer delicacies, thrift shop treasures or hightstreet heroes, we want to see what you wear. With the blogosphere being bigger than ever, you will need to insure that the brand you create for yourself is unique and reflects you. Now let's get you started with these 8 easy-to-follow steps on how to create your own fashion blog!
P.S. See you in the FROW...!
Why wait when you can start your own fashion blog now?
Sit back, relax and take 15 minutes to follow these 3 easy steps to get your fashion blog online.



Thought about what you want your domain name to be? If not give it some thought and let yourself brainstorm with a couple of ideas before making up your mind.
Now head to Bluehost to check if the domain name is available by entering the name in the box that says ‘new domain’ then click ‘next’. 

Click Here To Get Started With Your Domain On Bluehost
(Opens In New Window)


OK! So what happens if you already have a domain? No problem click on the
'I have a domain' below

You will be prompted to pick a plan. The starter plan is the one recommended for anyone who’s not already a familiar blogger
Next you need a host for your domain name. Hosting is basically renting a space on the web to display your blog. Bluehost has great rates and will provide you with the domain name for free - if you use them as your host.
This is the best deal available for hosting websites and blogs.
See screenshot below for the package settings chosen in the example below.
The ’Domain Privacy Protection’hides your personal address and phone number from being displayed publicly.

Click the PLAY button below to see a full-walkthrough of the process here:



Once registration with Bluehost is complete the next step is installing WordPress to your Bluehost account.
WordPress is a blog and website building software. Many known sites are made with this amazing software. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to use and even easier to install on your website.
Login to your Bluehost account, navigate to the ‘MOJO Marketplace’ section inside the cPanel, Click One-Click Installs and Choose WordPress

On the next page click Install button.

Select your domain and click the Check Domain button to see if your chosen doma
Check the box that says Terms and Conditions then click Install now.
Once the installation is complete, on the top part of the screen, you will see a message with a link to “View Credentials” - These will provide you with the Address, Username and Password you need to login to your WordPress Admin Panel.
If you haven’t changed them during the installation you want to save your credentials somewhere you can find them. After login you may change these to something more memorable.
Simply type your Admin URL into the web browser. You will see a login screen same as the one below. Enter your WordPress Username and Password you saved from the previous step.
You are now officially logged into your own blog. Hurrah!


Congrats, you now have your own fashion blog. Isn’t this a great feeling? Welcome to the world of online blogging!
Only one more step is left before you can share your new incredibly fashionable outfit with the world.
Keep those stylish gloves off for just few more moments. You still need to pick your WordPress theme. The theme will determine your blog’s looks, structure and navigation.
Make it shine and pop to grab your reader’s attention.
WordPress provides many free themes you can pick from. You can browse them here:


Alternatively, you can find premium themes available for purchase with more customized looks and features.
Here are a few special ones:


"Applique is a fully responsive Fashion blog theme that designed with style publishers in mind! We keep things simple and elegant to make sure any fashion blogger – even those without IT background, can use it. We believe that a blog theme, should feel fluid, light, and intuitive. that’s what we are aiming to make with applique, using clean code and detailed designs in each our custom features maintaining balance between design and technology. We present to you Applique our most elegant theme yet."


"Didi is a modern responsive theme whose sole focus is to present your content in the best possible way on any screen size. Beautiful typography combined with clean layout draws and keeps readers attention to the most important, your content. Variety of front page options, 6 blog layout options and 4 custom page templates leave no wish to be desired. Didi is a perfect match for fashion, lifestyle and magazine style sites."

Learn More / Download View Demo 


"Untold Stories will help you run a successful blog. Carefully crafted, it contains all these features a modern blogger needs. Complete control over the layout of your blog. Flexible colour options to match your brand. Custom widgets for your sidebar. Special content styles like a personalized post greeting. Deep social integration. A total of 100+ customizer options that will take your blog to the next level."

Learn More / Download | View Demo 



Click here to see all premium fashion themes on


How To Be a Succesful Fashion Blogger...

You have a love for fashion and want to share it with the world. Blogging is a way to showcase that talent and creativity, but getting started can be tricky. First, you need to know a thing or two about what it takes to become a fashion blogger. With a blog, you are designing a brand. The best way to attract an audience and keep them coming back is to create ultra-appealing, high-quality content that inspires and informs. Here are five fashion blogging tips to set you on the road to success.

Choose A Name, Imagine YOU Are The Brand

⦿ Choosing a name for your fashion blog will be one of the most important decisions you will make. The name will define the content of the blog and the niche you hope to break into. 
⦿ Take your time and be sure the name describes your personality and offers readers insight into what you and your blog are all about. You’ll want a name that’s unique but simple. It should stand out but not be so unconventional that it’s difficult to remember. 
⦿ The name of your blog should also match the domain name. You will attract more readers if they can easily find you. When you settle on a name, make sure you love it. Once it’s out there it will be hard to change if you get bored with it.

Write Useful, Interesting and Unique Content

⦿ You are writing about topics that you love, but will everyone find them just as interesting? Your main goal is to attract readers and keep them coming back. Figure out who your target audience is. Ask yourself who it is you want to appeal to. To keep readers interested, you need to connect with them. Producing content that you both are passionate about is essential. 
⦿ Create a blog that inspires but also offers useful information. Choose a topic that will stand out to your audience, but do your research. If your chosen topic has been covered in the past, find a new topic or a different angle to write about. 
⦿ Writing a useful blog will take some planning and time. If you construct and publish a blog in an hour, it’s probably not the best it can be. Prepare an outline so you have a visual idea of where you want the topic to go and to make sure you haven’t repeated the same idea. 
⦿ Thoroughly research the topic. You may discover new information that will both excite you and the reader. Check and recheck your facts. Readers are looking to you for accurate information. If they feel they are being misled, they will go elsewhere. If you make a mistake, own it and write a retraction.

Titles Matter

⦿ Take the time to craft the perfect blog title. The title from a post will appear in search engine results, social media sites and links from other blogs, which may attract more views. 
⦿ Grab the reader’s attention with a title that explains the topic but isn’t confusing or complicated. From the title alone the viewer has decided to continue reading or leave the blog. 
⦿ Use keywords that relate to the title. Readers tend to scan content when searching for a particular subject. Keywords attract their attention and raise the chances that they will click on the link for a closer look. 
⦿ Keep it short. Readers scan a page when looking for information. They may quickly lose interest in a lengthy title and move on. A title that’s too wordy may also get cut off in a search engine, defeating the purpose of attracting viewership.
⦿ Don’t promise something in the title that isn’t delivered in the content. A compelling title should be accurate or you run the risk of insulting readers. 

Invest In A Quality Camera

⦿ You will be showcasing your unique fashion sense in creative ways. Make your photos pop off of the page. Invest in a camera that will generate high-resolution images. Poor camera quality will leave pictures looking colorless and boring. 
⦿ It really doesn’t matter how expensive the camera is if you don’t understand how it works. Take the time to learn what the camera can and can’t do and how lighting plays into a great picture. Chances are you will be carrying the camera with you wherever you go, ready for that perfect fashion shot. Having the knowledge to capture the spectacular pictures will make all the difference. 
⦿ High-quality photos will instantly attract viewers' attention. Photos help to set the tone for the post. Is it fun, serious, silly or tragic? Attract your audience with a photo, and they will want to stay and read the blog. Combining pictures throughout the text will break up the article. This is much more appealing to a reader than scanning a long list of intimidating words. 

These Are Our Top 3 Camera's Most Suitable For Fashion Blogging:




Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital SLR 
Nikon D3300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with Auto Focus-S
UNDER $500
Samsung NX3000 Wireless
Smart 20.3MP Mirrorless Digital Camera


Optimize Your Brand

Yourself and your blog are YOUR brand. To get noticed you need to employ a few tricks to generate the most traffic to your site.
⦿ Understand what SEO (search engine optimization) is and why it’s important. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank search results based on what they consider to be the most relevant information to users. The more you understand how SEO works, the better your chances for a higher ranking and attracting more viewers.
⦿ Promote your blog on social media. Utilize accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to get the word out. With the way information spreads so quickly on social media, your site will have readers checking it out in no time.
⦿ Google Analytics is a great tool to monitor your website. It basically keeps track of all the traffic to the site. It will monitor how readers came upon your site, what they were looking for and how many views your page has. This is a great way to determine if you are attracting the audience you want or if there are changes that can be made to improve the site.

So now you have set up your blog and chosen the hosting service to keep it live! It is now time to share your fashion musings with the world, remember to always be yourself, as a blogger you are reflecting your own style and personality to share with your readers. Be original, they will love you for it! You are most likely extrememly excited about styling your looks and hot trends. 



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