Two apartments sold this week on Port TLV for NIS 62 million in total

The prestige residence market is on fire. Each apartment is sized 200 sqm and features a 107-sqm balcony with a sea view.

 An apartment at Port Tel Aviv luxury project (photo credit:  Ilan Pivko Architects)
An apartment at Port Tel Aviv luxury project
(photo credit: Ilan Pivko Architects)

The prestige residence market is on fire. Two apartments have been sold concurrently on the Hagag brothers’ luxury project Port TLV, at a total price of NIS 62 million, to Jewish foreign residents living in London. The securing of the clients and the closing of the transaction were led by the project’s VP of sales and marketing - Lee Ziv, with two foreign residents from London.

The transaction reflects a price of NIS 121 thousand per sqm, each apartment being sized 200 sqm and a 107-sqm balcony on the 8th floor of the building with a sea view.

The Port TLV project is situated at one end of Yordei HaSira Street, at the main entrance to the Tel Aviv Port complex, a mere 50 meters from the waterfront. The project is currently in advanced stages of construction, which is expected to be completed in two and a half years. The building has 10 floors and was positioned on a ¾-acre lot. It will comprise 7 residential floors with 40 luxury apartments, including spacious suites, loft apartments and duplex penthouses featuring private pools, incorporating vast spaces and window screens facing the sea. The unique architectural planning, designed by architect Ilan Pivko, includes aluminum partitions plating the building, which change the play of light and shade by the press of a button, enabling you to fundamentally transform the building’s façade. 

 Port Tel Aviv project night simulation (Photo credit: Ilan Pivko Architects)
Port Tel Aviv project night simulation (Photo credit: Ilan Pivko Architects)

The tower’s first two floors are designated for a boutique hotel offering 44 rooms. The project amalgamates prestige residence with a hotel and provides residents with full 24/7 service at a five-star hotel level, so that residents enjoy a plethora of benefits, from a private chef to room service, treatments, a state-of-the-art gym, a swimming pool, a concierge, and more.

The project’s centerpieces are the two duplex penthouses on the ninth and tenth floors, spanning 244 sqm, huge balconies sized 226 sqm and a pool. The penthouses are for sale at a price of NIS 64 million each.

According to brothers Tsahi and Eido Hagag: “This is a unique prestige project situated at the best location available in Israel, a mere few meters from the waterfront. It is yet another project which promotes our strategic vision of leading Israel’s design and construction standard at an international level. The international collaboration with the world’s leading professionals in their fields reflects the project’s quality and the esteem it is accorded in Israel and abroad”.

The project’s VP of Marketing and Sales, Lee Ziv: “We see a growing interest both by Israelis and by affluent foreign residents who are searching for prestige residence but aren’t willing to settle on quality. Port TLV offers luxury residence integrated with daily vacationing. Its exclusive location, in close proximity to the leading recreation and culture sites, along with the building’s white and unique design and the international-standard specification of the apartments, all of which offer a sea vista, attracts the target audience willing to pay for an extraordinary residential experience and an extravagant standard of living”. 

The project’s attorney, Ben Tzur Sharabi of Hagag, Buchnik, Weinstein law office, accompanied the signing of the agreement.