10 things to keep in mind before visiting New Zealand

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

In your opinion, what does New Zealand excel at? Incredible variety in both landscape and climate. To prepare for our trip to Aotearoa, we polled our Nomad community for advice on what they would tell someone visiting the country for the first time.

Dung Flies

People don't warn you about the sand flies. In the summer, these annoying bugs will swarm you anywhere you go, but notably on the west coast of the South Island in spots like Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound. If you're going to be doing any backcountry camping or trekking, be sure to stock up on insect repellent before you leave civilization.

In the nights, it's best to wear long sleeves and pants, socks, and bug repellent, and to dress in layers. You can't take these little critters lightly.

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Respect The Rules Of The Road By Staying To The Left

When crossing the street, always check your right before you cross. Alexia Nestora of VoluntourismGal saw signs on the curb warning visitors to Auckland that traffic flows in the other way from what they are accustomed to. If the sign does not exist to help you out, however, keep your eyes peeled to your right.

Visitors to New Zealand who have just rented a vehicle and are still getting accustomed to driving on the left may find the abundance of one-way bridges in the South Island intimidating. Keep on the left side of the road if there is no oncoming traffic when you exit the one-way bridge.

Being unfamiliar with the relative silence of New Zealand's highways, leaving these bridges when there are no vehicles on the other side might be nerve-wracking for visitors.

Potential Natural Disasters

New Zealanders spend so much time in the water because of their subtropical environment. Water may obscure risks. Visit Water Safety New Zealand for beach and waterway safety tips.

Mountain roads are very rough. Before taking a long road journey, especially in winter when high passes to ski fields or Milford Sound might ice over, verify road conditions. Bring tire chains to put on the wheels when the signs indicate so in these circumstances.

Landslides and rockfalls often close roads. Glenorchy to Queenstown's narrow passages are filled with big boulders.

Don't drive fatigued or recklessly. In addition, stopping to relax on the side of the road in New Zealand typically offers stunning views.

All-Blacks Game

If you happen to be in that area during an All Blacks game, you have no choice but to get a ticket to the match in order to see the great New Zealand rugby team perform the Haka. This indigenous practice is well-known all over the globe, but experiencing it in person is much superior to seeing it on a two-dimensional television.

Day Walks

The rapid changes in weather are what make day treks in New Zealand unique. When setting out on a bright morning, sunscreen is only the beginning of your pre-trip preparations. In a matter of hours, the wind may build up or the rain could become horizontal and be very cold, leaving you with nowhere to take shelter. People who are used to hiking in Europe may think they are ready for this, but the terrain and climate are quite different.


Martina Grossi says New Zealand is really all about recycling and sanctions for improper recycling. She suggests choosing mussels. Visit the New Zealand Food Security site for biotoxin warnings, however, most beaches have signage with dos and don'ts.


The website of the Department of Conservation is a great resource for finding local outdoor activities. There are a plethora of locally owned campsites that provide tent sites and RV hookups, many of which are listed on the site. Don't pass up the chance to sleep outside.

Stay Connected

NZ's emergency number is 111. In an emergency, phone 111 to reach the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, or Search - And - rescue for free.

Remote locations seldom have Wi-Fi. In Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington, & Christchurch, you'll find lots of cafés with free Wi-Fi and hotels with it.

Sun Safety 

Auckland sits on the 36th parallel south of the equator, despite New Zealand being located far down in the southern hemisphere. Cities on the 36th parallel north of the equator, such Malaga in Spain, Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, and San Luis Obispo, California, come to mind when one considers the sun and weather.

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